Did Catholic Church Add Books to the Bible?

Q. When did Catholics add books to the Bible?

A. They never did. The Jews and the Protestants removed books from the OT.
The Catholic Church simply received the Septuagint version of the Hebrew scriptures, from the Jews, at the time of Christ. This became known as the Old Testament. 70 years later, the Jews removed 7 Old Testament books from the Septuagint. The reason given for this was that they could no longer find those books in Hebrew.

Interestingly some of these books were being used to good advantage to make converts among the Jews. For example:

This passage prophesies and describes the attitude of the enemies of Jesus hundreds of years before His birth:

The Book of Wisdom
2.1a, 12-22

The wicked said among themselves, thinking not aright:

Let us beset the just one, because he is obnoxious to us; he sets himself against our doings, Reproaches us for transgressions of the law and charges us with violations of our training. He professes to have knowledge of God and styles himself as a child of the Lord. To us he is the censure of our thoughts; merely to see him is a hardship for us, Because his life is not like other men’s and different are his ways. He judges us debased; he holds aloof from our paths as from things impure. He calls blest the destiny of the just and boasts that God is his Father. Let us see whether his words be true; let us find out what will happen to him. For if the just one be the son of God he will defend him and deliver him from the hand of his foes. With revilement and torture let us put him to the test that we may have proof of his gentleness and try his patience. Let us condemn him to a shameful death; for according to his own words, God will take care of him. These were their thoughts, but they erred, for their wickedness blinded them, and they knew not the hidden counsels of God neither did they count on a recompense of holiness nor discern the innocent souls’ reward.

Prayers for the dead and support for Purgatory (since people in Heaven don’t need prayers and people in Hell can’t be helped by prayers) are scriptural based on the following passage.

II Maccabees 12:44-45

For if he were not expecting that those who had fallen would rise again, it would have been superfluous and foolish to pray for the dead.
But if he was looking to the splendid reward that is laid up for those who fall asleep in godliness, it was a holy and pious thought. Therefore he made atonement for the dead, that they might be delivered from their sin.

In 1529, Martin Luther removed the same 7 books from the Catholic Old Testament, that the Jews had removed1400 years earlier. Luther also removed 4 New Testament books (Hebrews, James, Jude, and Revelation) that did not agree with his theology, for his German translation. These books were removed from their original place in the order of the books and placed together at the end of the Bible. In later editions, he was persuaded to return the New Testament books to to their proper position in his translation of the Bible. Today Protestant Bibles don’t contain 7 Old Testament books at all.

Q. What is the Septuagint?

A. In the centuries leading up to the birth of Christ the Jews were living all over the known world. Greek was the language of commerce and scholarship. Over time it became harder and harder to maintain a wide knowledge of Hebrew among the Jews because more and more were speaking only Greek. The Jews in Alexandria set about to make a Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures. This translation was completed between 250-125 BC by 70 Jewish scholars. Septuagint means 70 in Latin.

Scholars are certain that Jesus and the early Christians accepted the Septuagint version of the Old Testament because etymological studies of 300 quotes from the Old Testament made by the New Testament writers can be traced back to the Septuagint version. There are also NT quotes that can be traced back to the Hebrew OT but these are far fewer in number. So, if Jesus had rejected the Septuagint the New Testament writers seemed to know nothing about it since they all used it quite freely.

For More click –> Five Myths About the Seven Books

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28 Responses

  1. Excellent research, No bias, “Just the fact’s Ma’am”!

  2. when you say “Scholars are certain that Jesus and the early Christians accepted the Septuagint version of the Old Testament because etymological studies of 300 quotes from the Old Testament made by the New Testament writers can be traced back to the Septuagint version.” You fail to mention that Jesus never quoted from the apocrypha. The fact that he had qutoed from the Septuagint version is irrelevant as the Septuagint contained the books of the protestant OT. So if Jesus did quote the OT but never quoted anything out of the Apocrypha then the logic is lost that Jesus accepted the Septuagint version of the old testament because he never quoted the different aspects of the apocrypha

  3. The purpose of pointing out that Jesus quoted from and accepted the Septuagint version of the Hebrew Scriptures is for the very reason that that version CONTAINED the seven books disputed by Protestants. Are you contending that Jesus used the Greek scriptures even though they contained spurious books?

    But where does it say in scripture that the only acceptable books in the OT are those that Jesus quoted from? Please see my post on this very topic HERE

    You will find several passages from the so called “apocrypha” that are definitely echoed in the NT.

    If you read the whole post you will find that there are many other books accepted in the Protestant OT that Jesus and the apostles did NOT quote from.

    And other pagan writings that they DID quote from.

    So, I am afraid there is just no consistency for determining the Canon of Scripture using this hermenutic.

  4. Im curious as to some of the quotes made in the new testament refering to the septuagint scriptures. Is there a place I could get a list? Thanks for the help if you can, God Bless

  5. What quotes are you interested in exactly?

  6. Why did the protestants removed some of the books of the bible?

  7. Luther was the first Protestant to remove both OT and NT books. He removed them b/c they conflicted with his theology of Faith Alone. He later returned the NT books to new editions of his German translation of the Bible but did not return the 7 OT books on the grounds that the Jews did not have them in their scriptures. The rest of the Protestants have kept to this tradition begun by Luther.

  8. What are we supposed to believe about the Holy Bible? Is it still the same? Do we believe everything in it? What does Quran say about the Bible?

  9. Dont know Were BFHU got Hos info.

    The 66 canon books were acually Decided at the Council of Nicea 325 AD.
    Roman Catholics acually added the apocrypha (Hidden things) The dates of the books are questinalable they Just showed up About the Time the Councel first meet. The were added to Roman Carholism Much Later on. 1546 A.D. when the Catholic Council of Trent Declared them. Before that they were just other books.
    the 4 Books you medtion James , Jude, Revelation , Hebrews , were never removed, From Any prodestant Bible Espicaly the AVKJ 1769 or KJ1611, or Tyndales or Genava. those were first Protestdest Bibles written.
    Luthers German had all 66 Canon books in them.

    He debated them quite freguly because Luther Though because of question of Apostel authorship.

    Catholic Encyclopedia is correct, Erasmus, Cajetan, and Luther had every right within the Catholic system to engage in Biblical criticism and debate over the extent of the Canon. All expressed “some doubt.” Theirs was not a radical higher criticism. The books they questioned were books that had been questioned by previous generations. None were so extreme as to engage in Marcion-like canon-destruction. Both Erasmus and Luther translated the entirety of Bible, and published it.

    As has been demonstrated, Luther’s treatment of the canon is not the claim of authoritarian dogma. When one looks at the totality of Luther’s New Testament canon criticism, it is quite minute: four books. Of his opinion he allows for the possibility of his readers to disagree with his conclusions. It has been shown his overall opinion softened later in life by the exclusion of many negative comments in his revised prefaces. Of the four books, it is possible that Luther’s opinion fluctuated on two (Hebrews and Revelation). Even while criticizing James and Jude, he positively quoted from them throughout his career. In the case of Jude he did a complete series of lectures. In the case of James, he occasionally preached from the book.

    • Roboman:
      What article in the Council of Nicea closed the canon of the Bible? I need to verify the accuracy of your statement. We did not add the the “apocrypha”. It was part of the OT we received from the Jews. But these books were always known as the Deuterocanon and of secondary importance to the other books of the OT.

      Martin Luther did remove books from in his FIRST German translation on his own authority which was based on nothing, no miracles….nothing. He was later persuaded to replace them in subsequent editions by those who convinced him he had gone too far.

      The Council of Trent DID NOT add the deuterocanon. It simply reaffirmed that these books were a part of sacred scripture in response to the Protestant revolt against the Church founded by Jesus Christ upon Peter.

  10. I might be stand Correctd on the Geneva Bible the Apocrypha books are in there.

  11. Robo man: Acually there are 8 Apocrypha Books

    BFHU: You might be interested in a Catholic response to Protestant errors on the deuterocanon Reasoning From the Scriptures

  12. For many years the deuterocanonical books were in the KJV of the Bible but put together in the back instead of with the OT. I remember seeing one of these Bibles in the 1960’s. I don’t think they are still published this way today.

  13. Thats simply Not trure
    Most Presbyterin pators Have a PHD but a masters somtimes qualifies them Base on the ministrie work they have done in there Life and have work in ministires before they are even ordained.
    Tim Keller ,Multiple PHDs

    Metzer ,Multi PHDs (Scholor who help translate the Greek in the NRSV , Although the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops approves only the New American Bible for liturgical use, the NRSV is quoted in the English-language edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (which also quotes from the RSV).

    Many more
    Scholors wich you read and probly dont Know they were Persbyterian.

    My Current Pastor 2 PHDs one from Yale and Fuller Seminary.

    Fuller Seminary is Just the standard Presbyterian seminary.

    Most Presbyterian pastor have 2 PHDs do to the Fact one from seminary and one from a Major Universtity.

    We have 2 retierd pastors , One went to Berklel wich is Catholic and the Other a Catholic Seminary he got married and became a Presbyterian.


    CS Lewis Not a Reformer but a Protestant
    Church of Ireland (Church of England)
    Albert Schweitzer(Luthern)

    Abraham Lincoln as President, worships at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C.

    Were Just buch of dumb uneducated folks we are

    So I think your statment is to cause division one more time

    Your statement is false .


    Whats the Jewish perpective on the Canon of the OT? Id love to hear espesally form a Jewish person.

    So if the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t like the U.S. Constitution because it wasn’t established under Rome there for it has no Authority.
    Sounds like Roman Catholics in America are lawbreakers. Because the US. Decleration of Indepeance was written and accepted by Protestants and the only Clergy to sign it was a Presbyterian pastor John Witherspoon . Your Freedoms in America come from Protestants Idea especially from Calvin. Limited Atonement was about church Government and earthly Government. That would limit the use of power for government. Roman Catholics want unlimited government that government is the only Power under God. (Goverment comes from God but Men are held acountible)Sounds like a Bush Idea. Arminisim believes in unlimited atonement. That’s Cheney could use the golden rule. He who has the gold rules. Unlimited power. Bush and Cheney trying to create a Protestants version of a Roman Empire. You think Catholics would have liked that idea.
    There was a Roman Catholic at the siging of the Decleration of Indepenace, Charles Carroll of Maryland was the only Roman Catholic signer.

    Most Important desion and all the Catholics stayed Home.

    Your Freedom of Speech comes from Protestants. Freedom of Religion , right to assembley , they go Hand in hand all 3.

    Everything that has happened in History is for a reson and God is the Author of History.

    This is one of the best books Ive read about the Reformation , Deul Authorship Catholic Historian and a Protestest historian
    Reformations – Felipe Fernandez-Armesto & Derek A. Wilson

    I asked for a Jewish perpsective on OT Canon not a Roman Catholics.

    “The Roman Government had nothing to do with the canonization of the Bible around 400AD”

    The Roman goverment was the chruch

    After a exhustive study of this I can see why Jews dislike Chirstians , Us Chirstians in Catholic tradition and even Proestest should ask forgiveness.

    The Roman Catholic Chruch has no Athority espesally over Jews, But they way some of th Catholic writghings are written that now by Proxy have Athority over Jews that not How the NT lays it out. If there History suggest that a council took place in 90AD then I likely to accept that. Than a blood thrithsy Roman.
    This is a very difficult question that most scholars can’t even answer so, we both have the same answer do accept the Roman Catholics answer or other sources.

    We do know the Canon of the NT that’s one thing sure of

    The Council of Carthage, A.D. 397, said of the already accepted New Testament Canon, “Nothing shall be read in the churches except the recognized canon.” They then named the 27 books of the New Testament. They also stated, “A New Testament book must be written by an apostle or an amanuensis (companion) of an apostle.” So, by the fourth and fifth centuries, all our New Testament books were generally recognized and others excluded. “Bible Encyclopedia” (Web Version)

    Thus, the writings of Josephus tell us the number of books in the Old Testament Canon (22)or(39) and that the Canon was “closed” at the time of Artaxerxes (same time as Ezra and Nehemiah). “Works of Josephus”

    This same Canon was confirmed by the Jewish synod of Jamnia about A.D. 90.

    I can’t even find this in Jewish history; I can’t an Authoritative source fro this,


    “I’m not Scholar I’m just a simple fisherman”

    My question too you be why should I take Known corrupt Government such as the Roman Empire was as the Authority on this? ,

    They Murdered are Lord a Savior, Tried to re write History by eliminating all Jewish and Hebrew way of life. Control other government social -economics, oppress people and the Roman Catholic Church was apart of this. Not the Church of Rome which was part of the Biblical universal church during the time of Paul and Peter.

    Rome tried to take control of all forms of though and tried to govern it through Military might. But the More powerful the Church became the less military might the Roman Empire had. Jesus brought down the Roman Empire without breaking one signal Law.

    Do you the Holy Spirit working its way through History?

    Peace be with you

  14. The Jewish OT excludes the same books as the Protestants and for the same reason, they don’t fit their theology. And they can be used to support the Catholic Church. Many believe that Jews did excluded these books in 90 AD or so but there is dispute that this council of Jamnia did not actually canonize the OT but just made a decision about something. You can read an article that rebuts the idea that the council of Jamnia canonized the OT for the Jews. Here–>The Council That Wasn’t

    The Roman Government had nothing to do with the canonization of the Bible around 400AD. The only Christian Church that existed at that time was the Catholic Church. It came to be called the Roman Catholic Church after the Reformation as a way to demonize it as a foreign church as opposed the the Church of England.

    You should read both histories (Protestant and Catholic) Seek the TRUTH and pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern where TRUTH lies.

  15. Ya and acually read Calvins Institutes would you please instead of just mis quoting Him

  16. You have completely lost all credibility. The Roman Government was NOT the Catholic Church any more than the American Government IS The Protestant Church.

    Uh….I did not even mention Calvin or his Institutes in this post so what misquote are you talking about? And please provide the accurate quote with references so I can check out their accuracy.

  17. There was no Hebrew canon when the temple was destroyed. That canon was formed later. The authority is not there since the destruction of the temple. Furthermore the Deuterocanonical books do seem to be referenced, although if you find these references elsewhere I throw myself on your mercy. I did search.

    Luke 12:33 –> Tobit 4:9/Sirach 29:14
    Matthew 24:15-21 —> 1 Macc 2:23-39

    Other such references exist, although the lists posted on many Catholic websites are inadequate or flawed.

    “I asked for a Jewish perpsective on OT Canon not a Roman Catholics.”

    Roboman. You’re at a Catholic blog, asking for a Jewish opinion, and getting demanding when the Catholic blogger, whose blog it is you’re posting comments at, replies to your message.

    With regards to Josephus, he was writing in relation to this matter in his day. Clearly people of the day regarded the Deuterocanonical books, found in the Septuagint, as Scripture, and he was offering his opinion. His opinion is respected, but I’m not aware of Josephus being a follower of Christ. The Samaritans rejected all of the books after the Pentateuch. Should we cast those out as well? Surely they have their reasons.

  18. Regarding Josephus’ opinion on the canon of Scripture, followup.

    Which of the 27 books of the NT did he accept as Scripture? Do you also reject those? Why do you not include the Epistle of Barnabas, which was widely circulated and considered by many to be Scripture? There are books in your canon of Scripture that were also considered by many to not be Scripture.

  19. Be well

  20. OK I will say This Most of the Early Councils or Councils in Antiquity,Council of Nicea ,,Council of Constantinople etc……
    Are acceptted in Protestism Most not all

    Papal Councils,Councilarism,Modern Councils Are not.Council of the Lateran, Trent etc…………

    Submitted on 2009/03/30 at 11:03am

    the term Catholic had a Differnt meaning back then, When I say Catholic it is before the Western and Eastern split , The Roman Cathoilc Chruch is Not the Church of Rome in the Bible as most Roman Carholics want to point out. Sure its in the same geograghic area but not the same Church.

    I accept the 27 Books of the NT that was Decide at Carthrage. But I dont Belive the Catholic Church

    Submitted on 2009/03/30 at 11:49am

    Pam “Why don’t we believe in the Real Presence of Christ in Communion when Jesus says in John 6 over and over that we must eat His body and drink His blood in order to have eternal life? Why don’t we take it literally like the Catholics do?”

    We do this In Lutheran, Presbyterian and Reformed-Baptist, I think even in Anglican also.

    The Branch of Protestant is the problem here reformers have a totally different view. The lil Pentecostal or Wesleyan, Arminism are heretics, and any Dualistic theooalogy.

    I dont were or what Church you use to go to but that Idea is not of the
    Ecclesia Reformata, Semper Reformanda

  21. […] A. Where in Scripture does it say that the Prophetic voices were silent? Contrary to this statement, the seven books were removed by the Jews in 100AD from their scriptures and by Martin Luther in the 1500’s from the Christian scriptures. The Catholic Church did not add them at all. At the time of Christ the Greek version of the OT, the Septuagint, was in use among the Jews. The Catholic Church simply adopted them as they were. Please see my POST Did the Catholic Church add books to the Bible?. […]

  22. No books were added after the Bible was canonized. Martin Luther removed seven books 1500 years later.

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