What is the Soul?

Q. What is the soul of Man?

A. Man has one nature created by God. But in that single nature are two aspects. The physical body is made of matter; it will eventually die and be resurrected and reunited with the soul at the end of time. The soul is the spiritual aspect of the nature of man and is eternal. The soul is that which animates the physical body of man and leaves it at death.

Q. If a soul is the difference between a living being and a corpse, then does an animal have a soul?

A. Yes. However, Catholic philosophers reject belief in the immortality of animal souls, chiefly on the score of their nonspiritual operations. A study of animal psychology reveals nothing that transcends the sensitive and material order, and there can be no reasonable doubt but that death terminates the existence of animals both as regards body and soul. Revelation gives no indiction that animals will have a future life. Radio Replies Vol. 3 #48 & 49

However, please note, this is a philosophical belief but it is not Catholic dogma. So, do all dogs go to heaven? Probably not. But we don’t know for sure. This is my opinion but I am open to correction.

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