How Can A Loving God…?

Q. If God is love, then why does He allow evil?

A. Because God is Love, HE created man in His own image in order to extend the communion of love, that exists in the Trinity, to us. God wants us to choose to love Him, not be compelled to obey Him. In order for man to love God freely God gave man free will. He is just and will not deprive man of this free will. Man cannot be free to love and obey God, without being free to reject Him and rebel against Him.

Even God, if He wants men to be free cannot take from them the power to choose evil. If He enforces goodness, He takes away freedom. If He leaves freedom, He permits evil, even though He forbids it. It is man’s dignity that he is master of his own destiny instead of having to develop just like a tree which necessarily obeys natural law.

Men, as a matter of fact, misused their freedom, and sin and brutality resulted. But, it was impossible to give man the gift of freedom and the dignity of being master of his own destiny without risking the possibility that men would sometimes choose evil. (Radio Replies Vol. 1, p 4)

Q. What is the destiny we are supposed to choose using our free will?

A. Heaven or Hell. Eternal Joy or Eternal Misery. Our life in this world has many joys and many sorrows but none of those are the purpose of our life. The purpose of this life is to praise, love, and serve God so that we can attain eternal life with God in Heaven. Our earthly life is short compared to eternity and yet what we do with it determines our eternal destiny. We must use our free will to save our souls.

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4 Responses

  1. God is love, that’s the reason why men love as
    well. But does God let everything happen?

    He gave us freewill, but we must also remember
    that evil too has a will of it’s own. That’s
    why christians got persecuted, becuase of evil
    God can only protect us. But still we choose
    for evil. If God did’nt want us to make our
    own decisions He wouldn’t have given us a brian
    to think with.

  2. Annemarie-“But does God let everything happen?”

    God does allow men to exercise their free will to do right, wrong or morally neutral acts. He does not force men to do good or evil. He has instructed us through divine revelation and those submitted to Him in service to Him, He can inspire to influence and at times head evil choices off at the pass. But He sovreignly wills not to interfere with man’s free will. But take the example of St. Paul–Saul was on the way to Damascus to imprison Christians and He blinded Saul and spoke to him audibly and turned Saul away from his intended path. However, Saul was still free to ignore these events and pursue his original plan using his free will…but he did not. Now this is not the norm of how God usually works. But to answer your question–In general, yes, God lets things happen.

    Annemarie: we must also remember that evil too has a will of it’s own.

    I would have to disagree with you there. Evil is anything except the absence of Good. It has no mind of its own. However there is a spiritual being who hates us and is Our Enemy. And he does have a will of his own along with all the other fallen angels.

  3. Sorry, I said, “Evil is anything except the absence of Good”

    I meant to say Evil is nothing it is the absence of Good. This is the way it is used by definition in scripture and theologically. as I understand it anyway

  4. I’d rather leave open the possibility of heaven or hell than to be a puppet on a string. Free will is one of God’s great gifts to mankind. Only a God of infinite compassion and patience would do this, knowing that some of His creatures would choose to reject Him and lose everything in the process.

    Since we are made in His image and we want to know that others love us, not because they are forced to but because they want to, that God has allowed free will makes perfect sense.

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