Abuse Cases by Decade in San Diego

OK, I live in the Diocese of San Diego, California. The Diocese has filed Chapter 11 as a result of the sexual abuse claims filed against it. And a building at our Church had to be renamed b/c it was named after one of those priests with plausible abuse claims against him….He is now dead and can’t defend himself but things don’t look good for him.
As President of St. Vincent de Paul we operate a Thrift Store and scrupulously use the money only to help the poor in our community. This ministry has been very blessed by God . For all of the various ministries that we run we have five bank accounts.

The court ordered two months’ worth of statements for each bank acct. to make sure there was no shifting of large sums of money right before or after the bankruptcy filing. We then began to wonder if the court would appropriate the money in our accounts for the settlement fee eventually. We were assured that would never happen but now the court is going to determine in court whether or not the diocese owns all parish assets or not and if so….I guess anything could happen. The LA Diocese is having to sell property to pay their settlement bill.

Anyway, while doing a little reading on the internet I found this information. I found it interesting because we keep hearing that a lot of the abuse cases occurred years ago. But I hadn’t seen any stats on it till today. This is only for San Diego. And then one wonders “How corrupt is the priesthood in the Church now? Today?” So I found these numbers interesting and encouraging. The Catholic Church is certainly getting a black eye in all of this but the best thing is that God is using this to purify His Church. And that is a very good thing.

Historical Overview of Claims

Current allegations of sexual abuse by priests and other ministers in the Diocese of San Diego range over seven decades. What follows is a breakdown of the number of currently pending instances of alleged abuse for each decade (based on the first event):

1) 1930s 1 allegation

2) 1940s 4 allegations

3) 1950s 40 allegations

4) 1960s 44 allegations

5) 1970s 42 allegations

6) 1980s 10 allegations

7) 1990s 2 allegations

8) 2000s 0 allegations

Note: An additional 13 claims from the Diocese of San Bernardino (Used to a part of the Diocese of San Diego) and nine claims that were recently filed in San Diego Superior Court will be included in the diocesan materials presented in the Bankruptcy Court.

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  2. to bad you now have to suffer as the children suffered for the same reason …. the leaders CHOOSE to lie in their BK documents to the federal court as they did to the parishes back years ago. If you think they are not hiding pedophiles now, their mission of untruthfullness continues to be successful

  3. Mad
    Even if we lose our whole operation I would say it would be nothing compared to the suffering of the abused children and their families. I agree, until young people of the last decade or so grow up and tell someone we won’t actually KNOW the current situation in the priesthood.

    But the children of the 1980’s are surely old enough now and would have filed claims by now, with all the publicity. So, I am still hopeful….

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