The Truth About Pope Pius XII And Hitler

I recently went on a field trip with my daughter’s 8th grade class from our CATHOLIC school, to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, California (a local Holocaust museum). Our docent, whose father survived the holocaust was excellent. She did a good job of warning the students not to let themselves be taken in by propaganda from the surrounding culture, as the Germans and many others had done before and during WWII.

Therefore, I was shocked and offended when a film shown to our Catholic students said that none of the churches helped the Jews and even the Pope and the Vatican did NOTHING! Before becoming Catholic I researched this issue and found that this view is the result of Rolf Hochhuths’ play, The Deputy, and other anti-Catholic propaganda.

I wrote the museum with documentation that that information was not true and and asked if they would please change offending the film.

A few days later, I also asked my daughter’s teacher if I could speak to the class and correct this information. She said I could submit the info and she would make sure it was OK.

So, I gave her a lot of information. I told her I just needed 10-15 explain why the Pope had to do what he did secretly, that the Chief Rabbi of Rome converted to the Catholic Church after the war and took the Pope’s baptismal name, Eugenio, as his own at baptism. And I wanted to tell the kids a couple of the stories about how CATHOLICS rescued Jews so they would not feel ashamed of their Church and their Faith. And that people of other faiths rescued Jews also, of course.

The next day the teacher called me and said the Principal of our Catholic school and our Priest said I could not present this information because “the church says Pope Pius the XII and the Catholic Church were just bystanders.”

It took my breath away. Catholics who would rather believe lies about our Church and the Vicar of Christ! So in defense of Pope Pius XII I am sharing this video.

In defense of Pius XII


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