St Thomas Aquinas- Third Effect of Faith

Q. What is the third effect of Faith?

A. The third good that comes from faith is that right direction which it gives to our present life. Now, in order that one live a good life, it is necessary that he know what is necessary to live rightly; and if he depends for all this required knowledge, on his own efforts alone, either he will never attain such knowledge, or if so, only after a long time. But faith teaches us all that is necessary to live a good life. It teaches us that there is one God who is the rewarder of this one, and other like truths whereby we are attracted to live rightly and to avoid what is evil.

“The just man liveth by faith.” Habbakuk 2:4

This is evident in that no one of the philosophers before the coming of Christ could, through his own powers know God and the means necessary for salvation as well as any old woman since Chrits’s coming know Him through faith. And, therefore, it is said in Isaiah that

“the earth is filled with the knowledge of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:9

-St. Thomas Aquinas

Lent 1272

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