The Fourth Effect of Faith

Q. What is the Fourth Effect of Faith according to St. Thomas Aquinas?

A. The fourth effect of faith is that by it we overcome temptations:

“The holy ones by faith conquered kingdoms.” Hebrews 11:33

We know that every temptation is either from the world or the flesh or the devil The devil would have us disobey God and not be subject to Him. This is removed by faith, since through it we know that He is the Lord of all things and must therefore be obeyed.

Your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goes about seeking who he may devour. Resist him strong in your faith.” I Peter 5:8

The world tempts us either by attaching us to it in prosperity or by filling us with fear of adversity. But faith overcomes this in that we believe in a life to come beter than this one, and hence we despise the riches of this world and we are not terrified in the face of adversity.

“This is the victory which overcoms the world: our faith.” I John 5:4

The flesh, however tempts us by attracting us to swiftly passing pleasures of this present life. But faith shows us that, if we cling to these things inordiately, we shall lose eternal joys.

In all thing taking the shield of faith.” Ephesians 6:16

We see from this that it is very necessary to have faith.

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