Why is the Mass a Sacrifice?

Q. Why do all the Protestant Churches have NO reference to Sacrifice in their Eucharistic Liturgies?

A. Protestants have no reference to “sacrifice” in their services (most are not liturgical) because of the NEW way they began to interpret communion. They rejected the Catholic theology of Eucharistic Communion. Some like Anglicans and Lutherans retained most of the Catholic theology but changed things according to their own preferences and theology. However their liturgies do not confect the bread and wine into the real body and blood of Christ. Most other Protestants reject nearly everything Catholic.

As time has passed, when many Protestants hear that Catholics offer the sacrifice of the mass they jump to the conclusion that Jesus is dying over and over again. Unfortunately, they rarely consult an authoritative Catholic source to find out if their conclusion is correct. We believe nothing of the sort, of course.

Scripture says Christ died ONCE… But believing we are sacrificing Jesus over and over has,  for those who are anti-Catholic,  the desired effect of making it look as if the Catholic Church does not know scripture.

The Sacrifice of the Mass is a true sacrifice because it is a RE-PRESENTATION of the one sacrifice of Calvary. We are in a spiritual sense traveling into eternity and enter into the very presence of Jesus outside of time or back in time at the foot of the cross.
Historically, the early fathers referred to this as a sacrifice. The job of any priest is to offer sacrifice for the people. On Calvary Jesus offered His body and Blood to God for the salvation of the world. In our liturgies we re-present this sacrifice for the people. God changes it from bread and wine to the body and blood of Christ. And so we offer the body and blood of Christ. This is how God in His infinite wisdom allows us, who are stuck in time, to be present to His sacrifice and partake of it.

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