Who Created God?

From Volume 1 of Radio Replies, p.2

Q. You, a priest, argue to a clock-maker. I, as a rationalist, ask, “Who created your uncreated clock-maker?”

A. That is not a rational question. I say that the universe is obviously created and that what is created supposes a Creator who is uncreated, or the problem goes on forever, the whole endless chain of dependent beings as unable to explain itself as each of its links. It is rational to argue to an uncreated clock-maker. It is not rational to ask, “Who created this uncreated clock-maker?” God was not created. If He were, He would be a creature and would have a creator. His creator would then be God, and not He Himself. God always existed. He never began and will never cease to be. He is eternal.

Bread From Heaven– Because we are created…have a beginning and an end …our intellects have trouble comprehending an uncreated Being. Everything in our concrete experience has a beginning and an end. We even assume a beginning and an end to the sun and the universe.

An ant cannot understand telephones. (I don’t even understand them.) Would we consinder an ant or a human being who is unable to understand telephones wise or foolish to reject the possibility of telephones just because of their inability to understand them?


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