When did Jesus know He was God?

Q. When did Jesus know He was God the Son? The Second person of the Trinity?

A. He always KNEW who He was. Jesus was a God/man. God and Man joined hypostatically. So He, the God/Man in His totality knew he was God. One of the attributes of God is Omniscience so it would be impossible to be God and not be omniscient. His divine nature always knew He was divine, even as an embryo in Mary’s womb.

Jesus had two natures, however, Human and Divine. When Jesus said that He didn’t know the time of His return He was speaking

“in virtue of His assumed human nature. This knowledge was proper to Him as God, but not proper to Him as man. He did not know God’s moment in virtue of the human nature in which He had come to teach mankind, and He merely brought out the fact that this particular piiece of information was not part of His message…It was God’s secret. Radio Replies Vol II p. 153-154

In other words, Jesus spoke from his human knowledge only, but at the same time His Divine Nature certainly did have knowledge of His return. And this information could have been revealed to His disciples if He had wanted to. But He did not.

The same is true when in the Gospel, after Mary and Joseph find Jesus in the temple, it says Jesus “grew in wisdom and stature” Lk 2:52

Again, it was His human nature/body that “grew in wisdom/knowledge and height”.

Since He was truly human His human nature had to learn things in a human way despite the fact that His Divine nature could have infused knowledge into His human nature. He experienced the fullness of humanity.

Before I became Catholic, on my own, I concluded that Jesus became truly divine at His baptism or at the least that is when He knew Who He really was–God the Son. This is the heresy of Adoptionism- an 8th century Spanish error. So, our Enemy is still up to his old tricks.

2 Responses

  1. Christ, who in reality existed before the foundation of the world,and by his very nature is not only the fulfillment of the law but of all prophesy and is the fullness of divinity…By doing the will of the one who sent him and accomplishing this without error, he is the unblemished lamb spoken about in the old testament who remains without spot (sinless)…br. richard

  2. I would like to add a few other points to BFHU well written comments above….Jesus was begotten (John 1:12). This has to do with his virginal birth and with his eternal place within the Trinity…He was and is still God but he was made manifest in the flesh for a time for our redemption. He is of one substance with the Father yet became subordinate to the Father for the sake of us and his ministry… I believe that at the time of his ministry his followers were somewhat bewildered as Jesus at times spoke from divine thought and sometimes from human thought…This brings up the his point of using parables in order to simplify a point (the lost coin, the good shepherd, etc.) It enraged the religious leaders of that time….BFHU states that his divine nature had knowledge of his return and this was not revealed to his disciples… His divine nature also was aware of his coming Passion….I believe these and many other things were not revealed immediately as Christ desired faith and hope from them… Also revelation is only revealed throughout history at certain times according to God’s will and purpose and this occurs now and will continue into the future. Because God is “all in all” he is not bound by time or space…Christ experienced the fullness of his humanity through his Passion…..In the beginning was the Word….Now in time we have come to find out that the Word is Jesus Christ (DN IHS CHS REX REGNANTIUM)….br. richard ascension monastery

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