Wounded as a Child…Healed as an Adult

John was somewhere between 50 and 60 when I met him. It was hard to tell, because he was a recovering alcoholic, and the boozing had ravaged his body. He had come back to Catholicism after many years .

John grew up a working-class Irish kid in one of NYC’s boroughs.

John was ruined, morally, spiritually and psychologically by abuse during his childhood.

An interesting thing happened to John not long before I left New York and lost touch with him. He’d heard that Father Zlatko Sudac, a Croatian priest was coming to town, a young man with a reputation as a mystic and a stigmatist. John went to see him on his last night leading a prayer service at a Catholic parish in the city. John hung at the very back and stayed quiet, observing. Toward the end, there was a long line of parishioners who wanted to receive Father Sudac’s blessing. John decided that he should too. As I recall his story, he was one of the last in line. He hadn’t talked to anybody there, and to his knowledge, no one at that parish knew him.

As he knelt and received the priest’s blessing, Father Sudac, who spoke no English, whispered something to his interpreter. The interpreter leaned over and whispered to John, “Father says to tell you that the Virgin says she was with you every time you were abused and suffered along with you. You were not alone.”

Fr. Zlatco Sudac

When John told me that story, he started crying. He didn’t cry because he thought, “If you were there, why didn’t you stop it?” He cried because he was now convinced that he had not suffered alone. God, and the Virgin Mary, had seen what happened. That was enough for John. He had begun to heal.

An interview with Fr. Zlatko Sudac–>Here

2 Responses

  1. I’m greatly touched to believe that Mary and Jesus suffer with us in times of pain, but if Heaven is a place of peace and is without pain or sorrow, how can they suffer?

  2. I spoke to my confessor, a very holy priest about your questions b/c a subsequent comment made me nervous in trying to respond to it because I was thinking that my thoughts and comments might be drifting towards heresy. So I spoke to my confessor, about the fact that we are told there is no sorrow or suffering in Heaven and yet Mary seemed to be sad as she accompanied this boy during his suffering. I told him my thoughts and he said that first of all:

    There is no suffering in Heaven.

    Regarding the apparent sadness of Mary and her suffering with the young boy he said something very interesting that I never would have thought of. That is why I love being Catholic there is such wisdom in her.

    OK, Father told me that Mary’s suffering was not so much that she was suffering while in Heaven but it related, in a mystical way, to her union with her Son’s suffering on the Cross. Jesus suffered all the ugliness and sorrows, of all the sins, of all people, since the beginning of the world, and into the future as well. Jesus bore the sins of the abuser and the sorrow of the boy and in a mystical way so did His mother in her sorrow at the foot of the cross for her Son.
    I am probably not explaining this as well as he did but I think it is sort of like how we enter into the eternal sacrifice on Calvary at every mass. In a mystical sense we are at the foot of the cross with Jesus and Mary and John. Likewise, Mary’s suffering united with Christ’s in time as well as into the future. So, I believe this means that Mary and Christ, speaking from our position IN TIME really and truly suffered with us. So Mary was with the boy in his suffering but outside of time.

    That is the best I can do. Father referred me to St. Thomas Acquinas for more information but I have no clue where to look.

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