Jesus Did Not Ask the Saints to Pray For Him


Q. If Jesus, who is our ultimate example of how to live a holy life, NEVER asked a saint to pray for Him, why would we, as Christians, be encouraged to do so? In fact, no holy person of the Bible is mentioned to have done this?

A. This is true, however, I can’t think of a time He ever asked anyone to pray for Him. So we can’t take this to mean we should therefore never pray for one another. Especially since James specifically tells us to pray for one another. We do know that Jesus would go off and pray all night at times. What we do not know is what He actually said. And we know that all that Jesus said and did is not written down in scripture or else the whole world could not contain the books as as John says in his gospel. Jn 21:25

If you haven’t already read it you might want to see my post, “Why do Catholics pray to Mary?”

One Response

  1. Just because he is our ultimate example doesn’t mean we can obtain his sinless nature. We need prayer because we are sinful and deal with personal, sinful struggles. Jesus didn’t really need others to pray for him, although there is nothing wrong with it,because he was God in human form.

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