Catholic Scripture

Bread From Heaven: Starting in the years after 1517 Protestants began to sit down with Sacred Scripture and REJECT ALL HISTORICAL CHRISTIAN BELIEFS they did not like or that they could not find explicitly in Scripture

Q. I find this thinking insulting and request that you provide proof for your statement.

A. I apologize. I do not mean to be insulting to you but rather trying to get you to look at the facts of history.

Q. My above statement in regards to the apocrypha explains that protestants did not remove scriputre, but kept it in the form with which God decided.

A. And how did God decide this?

Q. You must understand that man is incapable of declaring books inspired or not. That is only God’s job.

A. And how did God do this job?

Q. Men can counsel, they can defend their choices with almost any gathering, but in the end if what has been chosen does not line up with scripture already recognized as inspired, It just simply is not true.

A. Of course. The problem here is that men came along 1500 years after the birth of Christ and were convinced that their interpretation of scripture was more accurate than the learned men in the earliest centuries, closest to the time of Christ. And by this same new way of interpreting scripture and their new religion, they also declared that writings that had been in the Old Testament for hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, should be removed.

Q. Is God perfect? Yes. Should those who supposedly represent God’s “true church” also reflect the likeness of God? Yes.

A. I agree.

Q. I do not understand how some many Catholics can place their trust into a church that has lied and killed their way into existence. How can you trust a church like this? Would you trust a loved one whose character looks like that of the Catholic history? I wouldn’t.

A. When I am talking about the CHURCH I am referring to its TEACHING. It is pure beauty, truth, and goodness. It is indefectible. But, Catholic people are another issue altogether. Our Saints exemplify your ideals as stated above and more. But people, even priests, bishops, and popes have fallen under the temptation of Our Enemy.

In fact, Jesus promised us this would happen.Mt. 13:24-30 in His parable of the Wheat and Tares. Even if no Protestant Denomination had ever had a member in it guilty of egregious sin it would prove nothing. Satan KNOWS who his enemy is. It is the Church founded by Jesus Christ.Rev. 12 The Dragon goes off to make war with the rest of her(the Woman) offspring. Because he couldn’t get Jesus. In addition, I also do believe Satan goes after Protestant pastors as well.

Q. Is it possible if the Catholics lied and created false documents; pseudoisidorian documents for example, that they are lying about more? Yes.

A. I have no doubt that Catholics have lied in the past about all kinds of things. We do not claim sinlessness for Catholics.

Q. Is that what God’s church looks like?

A. That is not the whole picture which anyone with good will will certainly realize. But, unfortunately it is part of the picture.

Q. Could it be possible that they theoretically kidnapped Peter from history to further they self ambition?

A. For the first 200 years all the Bishops of Rome and all of the disciples (except John) and many, many others DIED FOR THEIR FAITH by horrible deaths. They NEVER would have all died for a lie. And it would have been counter productive for self ambition.

Q. Woud God entrust the keys to HIS kindgdom to someone he called Satan? (Mark 8:32-33 & Matt. 16:22-23) No! Would God entrust the keys to his kingdom someone who required rebuking by Paul? (Galatians 2:11) No!

A. That is precisely what Jesus did. It is right there in black and white in Scripture. I see that you reject two passages of scripture where Jesus gives Peter the keys to the Kingdom. You are beginning to see that Protestant theology just cannot rectify itself with ALL that is actually in Sacred Scripture. I have no idea what Protestant Chuch believes that God is unable and does not ever use weak and sinful men to accomplish His purposes. Peter was weak at times and sinned too. But he died by crucifixion upside down. Through the grace of God Peter grew stronger in his faith and in holiness. Please see my posts Paul Rebuked Peter , Why Is There a Pope? Petros/Petra Vs Rocky/Rockelle

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