What Gives the Church the Idea It Knows the Truth?

Q And just what gives the church, any church, such exclusivity on the truth? This is non-sense.
A. Well, I guess the fact that Jesus founded our Church and He is God the Son. But if you don’t believe that then of course you would not accept the authority of the Catholic Church.

Q. It’s a fallacious circular argument. You believe in the Church because you believe Jesus is god, and you believe Jesus is god because of the teachings of the church.

And all this is based on various pieces of fiction written by primitive men and cobbled together, adapted, transformed, and translated by other men.

You’re entire faith is based on a myth, but I guess that’s why it’s called a faith.

A. Actually no. If I had nothing but the circular sort of reasoning that you describe I would be an atheist as well. The beauty and order of the universe speaks of a Creator. If I find a tree branch on the ground I know it fell off of a tree. If I find a wooden carved horse on the ground under a tree I know it DID NOT fall off of the tree. I KNOW it has a creator. I have read extensively on the arguments for and against evolution de novo. I became an atheist in college in deference to the Theory of Evolution. The arguments for evolution are no longer convincing. I could cite a few things but I admit I am not a scientist. But before going any further let me ask you a question. Would you follow the Truth no matter where it led?

Q. “If I had nothing but the circular sort of reasoning that you describe I would be an athiest as well.” You are dead wrong there. Reason and logic that leads to atheism is not a circular argument,

A. I think you misunderstood me. I meant that I would not be a Christian if all I had was the shallow circular reasoning that you describe.

Q. Faith is based on blind belief, brainwashing, and suppressing science and free thinking while glorifying belief in what cannot be demonstrated.

A. I am sorry if that was your experience. It has not been mine.


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