Mary Worship

Q. I know the Catholic church does not worship Mary or the Saints, but what about the “Catholics” that do?

A. If they are untaught and ignorant of their sin we commend them to the mercy and justice of God; just like everyone else.

Q. There are many “Catholics” in South America who actually DO worship Mary and Saints and blend ancient pagan festivals with Catholic Christian festivals. Does the Catholic church try and teach these “Catholics” the truth about God and Christ’s death on the cross?

A. Absolutely. Sometimes the Church “baptizes” a pagan feast or practice giving it Christian significance instead of the old pagan symbols.This works better than making the new Christians go cold turkey in order to give up comforting and familiar traditions.

So the blending is often done by the Church. How well this is done…how wisely it is done…takes some time. With good catechesis one generation should eradicate the pagan ideas.

But we have an Enemy working against us and sinful human nature as well.But paganism is not to be accepted by any orthodox Catholic. But today we have many in open rebellion and dissent from Christ and His Church.

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