How Were You Baptized?

Q. Just curious—can you share your baptism experience? Was it like a sprinkle or was there a tub full of water?

A.I have been baptized three times. Once when I was twelve. Sprinkling. Full immersion by a pastor who said we needed to be fully immersed. And one other time before joining a Baptist Church we had to be baptized in their church. Again full immersion in front of the whole congregation. When I entered the Catholic Church I was looking forward to being baptized in the Catholic Church but they said that was not necessary because I had already been baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. I was a little disappointed but amazed at the security of the Catholic Church in KNOWING that I had indeed been baptized and they did not need to do it again just because it wasn’t in the Catholic Church.

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