The Great Global Warming SWINDLEe

A year ago BBC’s Great Global Warming Swindle was available all over the net. For some reason the links to these keep changing and becoming “No longer available”

This is the third time I have changed the link and it keeps getting harder to find it. I thought originally that they wanted to sell the DVD instead of having it available on the internet. But there doesn’t seem to be much availablitliy of that either.

So, as of May 2008, Here is the link to this movie click HERE. If the film is no longer available, try googling it b/c someone keeps getting this film removed. I have had to change the link four times. But you can usually find it somewhere……

2 Responses

  1. I have to make a complaint about this post. The subject is entirely irrelevant to the truth of the Catholic faith, and by taking a stance on a strictly scientific issue you will turn away people whose scientific or political opinions are different from your own. Whether or not climate change is real is a matter for scientists. This post will only act to prevent people from learning more about Catholicism.

  2. Steve,
    I know, I know, it is off topic. But it is just one post among many. Most people come to this blog through searches and referrals so the post they read is what they were looking for. I hope it will not prevent people from learning more about Catholicism.

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