Why Can’t Women be Ordained to the Priesthood???

Q. Why won’t the Catholic Church ordain women to the priesthood?

A. Because she cannot.

Q. Why not?

A. For the simple reason that the seven sacraments were given to us by Jesus. The Church did not invent them and, therefore, she cannot change them. Valid sacraments must use the same WORDS and ACTIONS used by Jesus. We follow the pattern He gave us. We don’t make up sacraments as we go.

For instance, for a baptism to be valid the WORDS used must be: “I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. The
ACTION must be immersion or pouring with water. The Church cannot authorize baptism “in the name of Jesus”—wrong WORDS. Nor can the Church baptize with milk, wine, grape juice etc.-wrong ACTION. A person must be baptized with water AND in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit or the baptism is invalid.

So, also, the valid sacrament of Holy Orders requires the WORDS of ordination and the ACTION of a validly ordained bishop laying on of hands and anointing a baptized male, with oil. Maleness is as essential to priestly ordination as wheat bread and grape wine is to the valid consecration of the Eucharist. Men ordained to the priesthood are changed pemanently-“You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.”

Corn bread and grape juice will not transubstantiate into the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. And a female ordination, simply, will not “take”.

You can read more about women and the Catholic Priesthood Here

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12 Responses

  1. To quote Bob Dillon, “The Times They Are A
    Changing.” And it matters not if the official
    postion is based on fiction or perception.

    Today, a women almost anywhere, can become
    the President of a nation. Ordain her or lose
    her is the only viable option.

  2. Why is it accepted that the Catholic Church had the authority to change the Lord’s Day of Rest from the seventh day to the Sunday, the first day of the week, when it is argued that women cannot be ordained, as the practice is not biblical??

    • I don’t accept the notion that anyone in the Catholic Church had the right to change the Lords day of rest. And I think the Catholics should switch it back to Saturday before we all go to hell.

      I mean, that wasn’t a suggestion that Christ gave Moses, but rather it was one of the Ten Commandments, and if you know your history, you know that the Lords day was observed by the earlier Catholics.

      Anyway, if you click on my name, I think you will discover a lot of changes that never should have happened, and in my opinion should now be changed back. By the way, that’s not my web site, but I think it’s worth looking at, and I couldn’t figure any other way to link it, so I linked it under my name.

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    Timothy please see my response –>HERE

    George, please see my response –>HERE

  4. Please may you help me to understand the following obstacles how they have contributed to women not to be ordained catholic priests.
    resistence to change
    men are better
    urge to conform

  5. 1. It is not resistence to change. Is it merely resistence to change that we say 2+2=4? No the truth does not change. Jesus DID NOT ordain any women. In obedience to Him we do not ordain women.

    2. Men are not better. Jesus is the Bridegroom (MALE) the Church is the Bride (Female). Priests are alter-Christus, other Christs. Since Christ was Male a Priestess just would not do the image of Bridegroom and Bride justice. We would not have bride and bridegroom, Holy Matrimony imaged but an unholy lesbian union.

    3. Conform to who? Christ? Yes! Our culture? NO! It is our culture that is pressuring the Church to conform.

  6. “In obedience to Him we do not ordain women.”

    Where did Jesus ever give a command that women could not be ordained? He chose the Apostles first, it is true. However, men were in power during that time period. No self-respecting male would have listened to a woman preaching.

    Priests are not alter Christs! The first priests were the Apostles, who most certainly were not Jesus. In that tradition, it is acknowledged that priests are successors to the Apostles, with the most important priest in the world- the pope -as the successor to Saint Peter.

    The concept of the Bride and Bridegroom are symbolisms, meant to illustrate the closeness of Jesus and the Church. It does not imply that priests are literally bridegrooms and the Church is literally his bride.

  7. “Valid sacraments must use the same WORDS and ACTIONS used by Jesus. ”
    well this sucks, no one i know was baptized in ARAMAIC. looks like its not valid anymore.

    • I was baptized and confrmed in Aramaic, the chaldean Church which is an eastern catholic church uses Aramaic as liturgical language and spoken language…

  8. Anna: Thanks for your opinon.
    Julie: Funny & clever…

  9. Why cant women be men, and men be women is were this heading, Why because were made this way, and not that way we have differences. its not a bad thing, its just the way it is. Roles and functions are not bad, Its good to have order so we have an Idea of who and what were supposed be like, and become. Helps us have an Identity. Its not intended to put down or hold back women from becoming great, Just become great in the role you were created to be great in. Lord is not an Author of confusion but a God of sound doctrine and understanding, May you find him now In Christ amen.

  10. I always thought there was a verse in the Bible saying “a woman shall not teach in a church”? Also, some Protestant denominations do not have female pastors…food for thought I guess.

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