Pelosi’s Sloppy Research-Part II

What did the doctors of the Church really say about abortion?
Declaration on Procured Abortion:

19. This declaration expressly leaves aside the question of the moment when the spiritual soul is infused. There is not a unanimous tradition on this point and authors are as yet in disagreement. For some it dates from the first instant; for others it could not at least precede nidation. It is not within the competence of science to decide between these views, because the existence of an immortal soul is not a question in its field. It is a philosophical problem from which our moral affirmation remains independent for two reasons: (1) supposing a belated animation, there is still nothing less than a human life, preparing for and calling for a soul in which the nature received from parents is completed, (2) on the other hand, it suffices that this presence of the soul be probable (and one can never prove the contrary) in order that the taking of life involve accepting the risk of killing a man, not only waiting for, but already in possession of his soul.

Further still, this bears on Brokaw’s observation that the Church at present strongly believes that life begins at conception. In Catholicism, there can be debate on this or that until the Church speaks with authority on a question. Thus, thanks to the Council of Nicaea, Catholics are forbidden to believe that the Son was a creature. Thanks to Humanae Vitae and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, among other things, Catholics are forbidden from thinking of abortion (and ESCR and such) as anything else than a grave evil. That life begins at conception is binding, now that the Church has made it clear. It is not a matter of debate.


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