There Should be Priestesses in the Catholic Church

Q. God the Father indeed does not possess a gender, but how can you possibly argue that God has chosen to be identified with maleness? You cannot know the mind of God.

A. There is a lot more evidence that HE has chosen to be identified with the male gender.

Q. Although Jesus referred to God as his “Father,” this does not indicate that God has chosen to be identified as male. It simply is how Jesus explained his human incarnation as God to his Apostles and disciples of the era.

A. I don’t follow that argument. There is no reason why God could not have been portrayed as female if HE had so desired. There were lots of female godesses in the ancient world and there still are.

He also could have claimed no gender but HE did choose to be identified with maleness. And we are disrespectful not to accept this in all docility.

Q. Also, a Passover sacrifice has nothing to do with the functions of being a priest. It is a religious rite.

A. You are correct. My explanation lacked clarity. JESUS was the LAMB OF GOD slain at Passover. Therefore, HE is the fullfillment of the Passover Feast. And just like the Passover Lamb had to be perfect and male and be killed, and eaten and its blood was lifegiving–so Jesus is all of these.

Q. And of course Jesus was a man in that period due to a patriarchal society (hence why the Passover sacrifice was a male)!

A. This is merely your opinion supported by the zietgiest of our culture and nothing more.
The God of the Universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth was not subject to the prejudices of people of any age. HE is all about TRUTH. And if it suited HIM to use primarily female typology and imagery He was able to do so in the service of Truth. The Passover Lamb of the OT was specifically to be male b/c God knew He would fulfill this by HIS SON in the NT era.

Q. A man was considered to have power in said society, and therefore, a male lamb would have been the highest quality of sacrifice because its human counterpart was thought to above women.

A. Actually, yes and no. A perfect male would have made a great stud for improving the flock. But, all you need is one good male b/c the females produce the lambs and that is where the increase in your flock comes. I don’t think society had anything to do with it.

Q. Like Theresa pointed out, how many at that time would have listened to a woman calling herself the Savior?

A. I fail to see why that would matter. Jesus was not exactly popular. His miracles could just as easily been done by a woman and would have gained her just as much credibility. You seem unable to see God as anything more than an extra powerful person.

2 Responses

  1. I think the title of this post should be, “Should there be priestesses in the Catholic Church?”

    It is ironic to compare some the arguments against the Virgin Mary and against a male-only priesthood.

    On the one hand, some say that devotion to the Blessed Mother is just goddess worship that was prominent in Mediterranean cultures at the time (I have heard secular scholars argue this as well, not just anti-catholic fundies).

    On the other hand, they say that the culture at the time was patriarchal and would not have supported female figures in church leadership (which is false historically, for there were prophetesses in both Jewish and non-Jewish cultures). The patriarchal argument is irrelevant anyway, since Jesus frequently challenged the status quo, but it is ironic that both arguments are laid against the Church, despite their obvious conflict.

  2. The title derives from the questioner’s perspective. I like your title better personally. I

    love your apprehension that any stick will do when it comes to bashing the Catholic Church. I also thought the same thing was evident during all the Da Vinci Code brouhaha accusing the Catholic Church of being an evil MALE hierarchy on the one hand but on the other hand the Catholic Church is accused of honoring Our Lady too much!

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