Intelligence of the Devil

Q. Why should a man be condemned if he falls victim to the super-intelligence of the devil?

A. The devil has a keener intelligence than man, but the scope of his knowledge is not without limits. He cannot read man’s secret thoughts and intentions. He can conjecture from our conduct what is most likely to prove our downfall and tempt us accordingly. Even so, he has no direct power whatever over our will. Again, God has promised to supply by His grace for our deficiencies. “My grace is sufficient for you,” He said to St. Paul. And we are told, too, that God permits no man to be tempted beyond that which he is able to resist. God expects us to resist temptation but He also expects us to ask for the necessary graces by prayer. Christ constantly urged such prayer. If a man, therefore, is condemned for yielding to the temptations of the devil, it is not because he could not resist them, but because he would not, and refused to ask the necessary help of God. Radio Replies Vol 3 #602

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