First Yankee Priest- A Puritan Convert Part II


What you tell me of the persecution which Catholics have raised against their enemies, show only that at all times there have been bad Catholics, who have made religion serve to exercise the malignity of their heart. Far from our religion approving of such Christians, she on the contrary highly condemns them, and never has she employed other arms in her defense than mildness, patience, and charity. There have been and perhaps there may be yet cruel and vindictive Catholics, as there have been and there may be yet cruel and perscuting Protestants, but neither these nor those war so in consequence of their principles: it is on the contrary because they depart from them.
We do not pretend to assert that all Catholics are Saints: we see unhappily how far they are from being so, and this is what grieves the good. I can notwithstanding assure you that of all those whom I have met with in several kingdoms of Europe, I have never yet seen a single one utter the least owrd of anything like harshness, or show the slightest animosity against Protestants; they pity and pray for them as for brethren who are deceived and gone astray. Here is their whole crime, but see how your different Sects are affected towards us; see even how they are affected towards one another, and judge for ourself to whom the charge of persecution more justly applicable, whether to you or to us?
I leave the decision to your conscience.

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