Yankee Priest-Puritan Convert

As we lay great stress upon the unity of Doctrine which has always prevailed and will always prevail among Catholics, you think to weaken the force of this argument by opposing the unity which reign among the Muslims: but the which you attribute to them is purely imaginary; for, according to the best historians, they are divided into two great Sects, the one of Omar, and other of Ali. These las, named Shiites, form five principal Sects which, like so many trees, extend into seventy branches. Their belief is extrememly varied in all these different societies: some doubt of their religion, and by dint of doubting end by becoming pure Deists; others admit the Metmpsycosis; many advocate absolute predestination, etc; All apply mutuall, from Sect to Sect, the well known terms of Othodox and Heterodox. Their hatred of one another is carried to such an excess, that in making the pilgrimage to Mecca, they divide themselves into as many different bands as there are Sectaries, and sympathize so little with, that they will not even pray for one another.

Let us then talk no more of the Mohammedan union. Let us confine ourselves to that of Protestants. I maintain that were you all of one mind, and one opinion it would be more the effect of chance than the result of your principles. That which serves as a foundation to all others is the liberty which each one enjoys to examine and judge for himself. Now, so far from such a principle producing union, it is sure on the contrary to prove a natural source of division.

The same cannot be said of our Church. By its very constitution and doctrine, it is impossible that there should arise divisions in what regards the articles of faith–take notice of these words, “aricles of faith.” In a mere matter of opinion, each one is free to adopt or reject as he pleases, but as soon as the Church has declared that such or such point is of Faith, from that moment all true Catholics submit upon the spot, because they believe the Church is infallible. Should anyone refuse to submit on such an occasion, he would be instantly excluded from her communion, because he would reject this fundamental principle, that “the Church is the pillar and ground of truth.” (ITim 3:15)

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