Say “No!” to Judicial Tyranny

Vote “Yes” on California Prop. 8

2 Responses

  1. Wow, such mis-information and fear. You people can continue paying our taxes – we have stopped until FULL equality.

  2. What was the mis-information…EXACTLY?

    Most of the forcasts for what will happen in California if Prop. 8 fails is not just a fear but already a reality in Massachusetts and Canada.

    I am at a weekend conference with Family Research Council based in DC. and they have government stats showing that children raised in homes with deep faith in God and intact homes–no divorce– have the fewest psych problems, homosexuality, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, suicide. And these children are also the ones who do the best in school, are happiest, successful in jobs, interpersonal relationships etc. And it doesn’t cost the government a dime.

    Money cannot fix what is wrong with children without a father and a mother who love each other and practice their faith in God on a daily basis and attend church or synogogue every week.

    Click here to see the stats

    So, please tell us, what ther misinformation was exactly.

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