Mary Did Not Have Sex “UNTIL” Jesus was Born.

Lynne: There is one small word UNTIL that is used in Matt 1:25. You need to understand the Jewish system of marriage. If the wife became pregnant you stopped having sex UNTIL the baby was born.

BFHU: I have never heard of that before. Can you cite the source for this information. It is interesting but I am afraid I can’t take your word for it. But even if it true it prove nothing about Mary.

Lynne: Jerome had serious problems in his understanding of scripture. He knew nothing of the Jewish culture.

BFHU: You have been seriously misinformed about St. Jerome. He was an expert on biblical languages and scripture. He translated the whole Bible and he lived in Israel. I am quite sure he knew a whole lot more than either of us put together.

Lynne: The Angel never said not to have sex. Only that she was blessed by God, and was highly favored meaning she was the best one to fulfill the prophecy of the Old Testament.

BFHU: Who ever said that the angel said not to have sex? I have never heard of that before. The angel did not actually say that Mary was highly favored. He called her as if to give her a new name, “Hail, Full of Grace”
God chose her to be the mother of God the Son.

Lynne: Mary had faults and yes sin just like us.

BFHU: Your statement is based only on opinion. All Christians until I am not sure when believed that God caused Mary to be conceived without a fallen nature, just like Adam and Eve, before the fall.

Lynne:God never took her sin away, if that was so, then Jesus did not die on the cross for HER.

BFHU: Jesus saved Mary before she sinned instead of afterwards.

Lynne: And if that is the case he could of done that with everyone and Jesus would never had to die.

BFHU: Yes, God could have just saved everyone in a lot of different ways. But He chose the cross for our salvation.

Lynne: Think about it. Everything Jesus said and did was a lie. Everything that was written in Scripture was a lie.

BFHU: Not sure why you are saying that.

Lynne: Don’t look at a man who had faults. Look at the word of God. Jerome was just giving his thought on what it meant. He was not God and neither were any of the other church leaders. They had faults were sinners. Look at the orginial greek and hebrew when reading it and you will find alot out.

BFHU: Yes, Jerome was sinful just like us. But he was a great scholar and holy man. I trust his highly informed interpretation much more than yours or mine. Sorry. I do have Greek and Hebrew interlinear Bibles and dictionaries. Which scriptures in Greek or Hebrew are you refering to and I will look into it.

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