Are You Hostile to Christian Unity?

Phillip: It seems from all you say that either you are openly hostile to Christian Unity
( the prayer of Christ on the night He was betrayed)

BFHU: I am not hostile to unity. I very much would rejoice in the unity of all of

Christianity. What a witness to the world that would be. The disunity presents such

confusion for everyone, especially newly converted Christians…unless they are Catholic.
Phillip: Or such unity as you would pursue, is exclusively the absorption of all teaching

and thinking that differs with what you say the Roman Catholic church presently teaches.

BFHU: Of course. The Catholic Church is THE CHURCH founded by Jesus. It was the only

Church that existed until the eastern churches broke unity after 1000 years. That defection

resulted in 14 Eastern Orthodox churches. They all believe what the Catholic Church believes

except they reject the primacy of the Bishop of Rome. The Protestant break away, from the

unity desired by Jesus, occurred about 500 years ago and has resulted in over 40,000 different denominations.

Unity among those who love Jesuscan only be achieved by a return of all the prodigal children

of God to the One, Holy, Catholic, and ApostolicChurch. TRUTH cannot be compromised even

for a superficial, feel-good-unity. I say superficial because any unity that happened would

only be on the things we already agree on together. What divides us would still be a source

of division.

Phillip: Surely on this last point, you recognise that what the Catholic church teaches
has not been the same throughout history?

BFHU: Such as?

Phillip: Arent you a little blinkered to assert that your church’s teaching dates back to
Justin Martyr?

BFHU: Not at all. It obviously does go back to Justin Martyr and even more– all the

way back to Jesus Christ Who founded His Church on Peter.

Phillip: Trans substantiation was not proclaimed never mind understood to
occur until centuries later.

BFHU: On what authority do you make this claim? All of our doctrine was taught by

Jesus to the disciples. Over the centuries our understanding has deepened as the

faithful have meditated and mined these truths for the riches they contain.

Phillip: I feel a little upset that you cite Jesus harsh criticism of the Pharisees set

out in St Mark.

Mk 7:8-9 ” You leave the commandment of God, and hold fast the
tradition of men.
” And he said to them, “You have a fine way of
rejecting the commandment of God, in order to keep your tradition! Thus
making void the word of God through your tradition which you hand on.

Phillip: I cant see how you think this applies to the issue under discussion. Go back

and really read it -really try to understand what Our Lord was getting at and WHO he

was getting at.

BFHU: I think it applies to this discussion because, Jesus taught His disciples. The

disciples evanelized the world and spread Christianity. Centuries later, men were

deceived by Satan and rebelled against His Church and drew many souls after them.

Now, centries later, these Protestant faiths have held to certain beliefs for so long

they don’t even realize that they did not always exist in Christianity. They have no idea

that they really are the traditions taught by men and not Christ. They even go so far
as to dismiss the teaching of St. Paul in the very scripture they claim to sohold dear,

that admonishes Christians NOT to partake of the Eucharist unworthily–in mortal sin

and without believing that Jesus is really and truly THERE!

Phillip: I feel sorry that you are not even at the starting point for meaningful

communication between our different traditions.

BFHU: I don’t know exactly what you think a starting point would look like.

But if you think Catholics and I should be ready and willing to jettison our

doctrines, even one, then, NO, I am not going to do that. The Catholic Church

is not going to do that. What we want to do is free Protestants from all the lies,
deceptions, half-truths, and misconceptions they have about the Catholic Faith.

Once they realize the truth…the actual teaching and history of the Catholic Church,

it is hoped that men of good will, will rejoice to enter her. That is what happened

to me.

Phillip: I shall pray for you – and hope that one day you will write again, from

a more enlightened perspective.

BFHU:Thanks for your prayers, I can always use them.

Phillip: Finally, you are WRONG when you assert the Catholic Church can never

give Communion to a Protestant – go and read your own Cathechism or ask a priest.

BFHU: Where in the Catechism?


2 Responses

  1. I just read an article on regarding unity in the Catholic Church without cultural uniformity (i.e., as Anglican congregations join while retaining their rites). I then wrote a post about the relationship of unity and doctrinal uniformity. In general terms, does unity require uniformity?

  2. Unity usually refers to doctrinal unity and uniformity in beliefs. It would always be impossible to have cultural uniformity. The different rites in the Catholic Church have variations in LITURGY. This means the prayers and other methods of celebrating the mass vary, due to longstanding cultural differences that developed over the centuries before instantaneous communications. These variations also do not corrupt, in any way, what is to be believed. This lack of uniformity does not refer to doctrine.

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