The Silent Scream

ABORTION: The Silent Scream Part 1 2 3 4 5 COMPLETE VERSION Pro-life Anti-Abortion Video

One Response

  1. Oh my….. it took everything I have to get through that.

    I can’t in my wildest dreams understand how someone could watch this video or one like this and ever, ever, ever believe that this is OK.

    If one thinks this is ok, you would have to believe that Charles Manson is ok.
    This is pure evil.
    To think that this man once was part of that, too! Unbelievable! Wow! Once the Dr. saw the video he never did another abortion!
    I have a friend that is director of a christian unplanned pregnancy center and I know they show this(or a similar) one to parents who feel they want the abortion path. The amount of people who have changed their minds after seeing it, I hear is just remarkable!
    I just pray for all involved in that.
    What deception! Heartbreaking!

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