Does God Exist?

Q. What evidence is there that God exists?

A. Reason can detect sufficient evidence to guarantee the existence of God.

First, the universe in all of its complexity cannot be its own cause. It takes more faith to believe that life, order, beauty, and the scientific laws governing the universe came to be from nothing without an intelligent designer than to believe that God created everything.

Secondly, people always have and always will instinctively believe in God. They don’t have to persuade themselves there is a God, but rather they try to persuade themselves that there is no God.

Thirdly, in every man there is the sense of right and wrong. He knows that he is going against an inward voice, dictating to him a law he did not make. This voice is not our own because it is often against what we want to do. And it is not the voice of other people because it protests our behavior even when no one knows our conduct. And, its protests continue, even when we can find human voices to approve of our behavior. This voice warns us before and chastises us after a violation. This voice dictates a law written in our heart by the creator of our hearts-God.

Finally, justice demands that there be a God. Where did the universal sense of justice among men come from? We did not give ourselves our sense of justice. Injustice abounds in the world today. And, yet, we all have it no matter how hard we try to rationalize away our own injustice to others. Each human person longs for justice for themselves and suffering innocents. Why? What has this to do with “survival of the fittest”? Nothing. It has only to do with love implanted in our hearts by a God who is Love.

The scales of justice will be balanced, either in this life or the next.

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5 Responses

  1. Those are all strawman arguments!

    Men always attributed what he didn’t understand to some deity, and as understanding of our world increases, god is pushed further and further back.

    The sense of right and wrong is easily explained by our evolutionary roots and tribal behaviour. No need for a god explanation here at all. Also, religion and the scriptures have been used to justify countless atrocities, like the crusades and the inquisition.

    Justice certainly didn’t come from god: the bible is full of atrocities and barbaric vengeful actions, most of them attributed directly to god by the writers of the bible. Again, the bible actually encouraged men to perpetrate a very eveil form of justice. True justice and morals come from our tribal roots and a need for survival.

  2. tga The sense of right and wrong is easily explained by our evolutionary roots and tribal behaviour.

    I am very interested to hear how this can be explained easily..

  3. Easy to understand for anyone who doesn’t have his judgement clouded by religious beliefs.

    The genes of those who cared for their family had a better chance of getting passed down throiugh generations. And then those who established stable social structures like tribes and villages also had a better chance of surviving and passing their genes. For those social structures to be stable the individual members had to develop compassion, they had to care for their felow members, they had to help each other, they had to be intolerant of any negative behavior.

    So we had to learn right from wrong, compassion for our fellow humans. It was essential to our species survival.

    The bible on the other hand, teaches intolerance, and most religions practice it.

    I’m an atheist, and yet I have a very strong sense of moral, a tremendous respect for all living things.

  4. tga-Easy to understand for anyone who doesn’t have his judgement clouded by religious beliefs.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm…But I have a question….how can you be sure your judgement is not clouded by evolutionary beliefs?

  5. Easy, it’s called evidence. Mountains of it, 150 years, thousands of scientists, a dozen branches of science, all supporting evolution.

    All of modern biology, genetics, and medicine rests on the solid foundation of evolution. If you don’t believe in evolution, then you don’t believe in modern medicine.

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