Prayer to the Saints

Q. “Where is the scriptural precedence for asking …the saints to intercede for us?” I know of no instance in the NT of Paul or Peter of John asking Moses or Enoch or Elijah to intercede for them.

A. That is true. But St. John makes it clear that all that Jesus did and taught is not in Scripture in John 21. The Catholic Faith adheres to the truth, all of it, as taught to the apostles by Jesus and passed on to faithful men able to teach. I would like to refer you to these posts on my other blog Here

Q. I don’t have any problem calling up a friend on the telephone and asking her to keep me in her prayers. We are to pray for one another.

A. Yes.

Q. That same scripture also says to confess our sins to one another so that we may be healed (so am I to assume that Catholics think the saints in heaven still sin and need to pray for one another up there?)

A. No. The Catholic Church does not teach that we and the saints in Heaven confess our sins to one another. We just ask them to pray for us.

Q. In light of that, how is calling a friend to pray for you remotely similar to praying to any Christian who has died to intercede for you?

A. It is the same request. The difference is that we must rely upon the power of God to relay our prayer request to a saint. So, it is different b/c we can’t speak on the phone to a Saint or talk it over face to face with them like we can our friends. But scripture does say that the prayer of a righteous man avails much. The saints in Heaven ARE righteous. They have passed the test and are in the very presence of God so we ask them to pray for us for the very scriptural reason that the prayers of a righteous man avails much.

Q. We are not to communicate with those who have passed on, the bible plainly says this.

A. I must differ with you on this, although I too was taught this as a Protestant. The Bible forbids DIVINATION through the dead not asking for the dead to pray to God for us. Please see my post NECROMANCY?

Q. When I was in new age I prayed to saints and angels because I was scared of God and His wrath. I figured a human would have more compassion for me than God would.

A. Now that you are a Christian I hope you are conviced that God actually loves your more and is more compassionate than most humans. But, that is so very interesting. I have never been into the New Age and I love to hear the conversion stories of Christians who were once New Agers. It is so very illuminating. Because the New Age beliefs are so enticing to the children of our culture.

Q. I now feel very strongly that this practice is wrong.

A. I can see why you would be very, VERY leary especially since there are so many Catholics who have compromised, with New Age beliefs in many ways (more than Evangelical Protestants)… even Priests and Nuns. But, I can assure you that their beliefs are not authentic Catholic Christianity.


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