Q. I just don’t get what is wrong with Contraception. What if parents can’t afford 10 children?

A. Yes, parents must be responsible. If they cannot afford more children or want to space their children, they must abstain from sex during the fertile time. Natural Family Planning is 95% effective. It has no side effects and does not put harmful drugs in the body of the woman. And this form of birth control is perfectly moral. Because there is no rule that says that one must have sex everytime one is fertile if married. That would be ridiculous. What if the woman is sick, or just had a baby, or just had surgery, or her husband is sick, etc.

I am sure it is hard to accept the Catholic view of these passages but did you know that all Christians condemned all contraception until 1930 when the Anglican Church approved it ONLY in the case of a threat to the mother’s life? Even secular people condemned it as immoral and leading to disorder and degradation of women. See my post Here and HERE

But God created us and sex. He has decreed that it be used only in marriage and it is meant to be a concrete and beautiful image of the love and total selfgiving of the Holy Trinity–Man, woman, child. Contraception is not total self-giving and accepting of the other. The use of contraception entails REJECTION. One or both of the partners are rejecting the fertility of the beloved. Therefore, their loving union is not TOTAL SELF GIVING. It is partial and actively rejects something that is intrinsic to the other.

As in the case of Onan, sexual pleasure/union and openness to procreation are not to be stripped away from each other in order to just have pleasure without procreation or procreation without sexual union of husband and wife. (In Vitro, etc)

Contraception in order to obtain pleasure without babies is intrusive and disfigures the meaning of sexual union. Homosexual sex, masturbation, pedophilia, beastiality, adultery, pre-marital sex prostitution, etc all seek only pleasure and so does contracepted sex. All of these sexual acts are aimed only at obtaining sexual pleasure stripped of any openess to or possibility of, procreation. None of these image the Holy Trinity.

This is disordered. The natural purpose and end of sex is UNION and Procreation– or Babies and Bonding. Anytime you actively exclude one or the other it is sinful.

This is very brief. I would recommend that you read a post here called Contraception: Why Not by Dr. Janet Smith –Click Here

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