ABORTION Changes You

This is going to be a departure from my usual posts. Today is the 36th anniversary of Roe v Wade. A sad day for America. On this day 36 years ago we decided to follow the Dred Scott decision and define a certain class of human beings, the tiny defenseless unborn babies of our race, as inhuman and therefore killing them would be perfectly OK. We also followed Adolf Hitler who defined Jews as subhuman and therefore perfectly legal candidates for extermination. It has always been so odd to me that Jews and African Americans are so supportive of this mindset, just because it doesn’t involve them…of all people. Why don’t they get it?

I just read three these stories on this website (Abortion Changes You ) and I was sobbing with sorrow for these poor girls and their babies. I have never had an abortion. But in 1989 my husband and I participated in Operation Rescue. We alternated getting arrested b/c we had 5 young children at home. He was arrested three times and I, twice. His wrist was broken the last time…he is a surgeon. It was a scary and yet exhilarating time. When I went to trial I was five months pregnant with our sixth child and I wasn’t even Catholic yet…But I was exposed to many Catholics of course. We met in Catholic Churches but I ignored it all, lest I be infected with Catholicism. And yet….and yet..being with them was a lovely, loving, spiritual high I cannot put into words. My conversion was still ten years away. I would like to introduce you to Michaeline’s new website. I met her doing Operation Rescue down in San Diego. Click on the link Abortion Changes You and read the stories of how it changed so many young girls. First get a box of tissue….

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  1. So, true. I have not had one, but I agree, I have never met anyone who has who doesn’t have a heartbreaking story. I have heard over and over …. “the emotional pain NEVER goes away.”

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