Jesus Called Peter Satan. How Could He Have Been Pope?

Q. If Jesus was making Peter His Prime Minister in the Church then why did He call Peter Satan a few verses later?
A. Peter was still very human, subject to sin, and the influence of Our Enemy.
Because, Peter, in trying to dissuade Jesus from the cross, came under the influence of Satan and tempted Jesus not to take up His cross, Jesus clearly perceived the true source of Peter’s seemingly compassionate words and denounces Satan and his influence on Peter.

“Get behind me Satan”. He was addressing Satan not calling Peter Satan. Then, speaking to Peter, Jesus says,
You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”

This was Peter’s first lesson in learning how to discern the voice of Satan and the Voice of Christ.

2 Responses

  1. Jesus knew how the word of God would be stolen and abused by the followers of peter, they would create false religion based on fear and deceptions, they would build a false church and create images and idols for man to bow down to, eventhou God told them not to, they would use the words of God against the children of this world. Jesus knew that man would corrupt his message of love, compassion and acceptance and instead replace it with fear, lies and deceptions. Jesus already knew the crimes of peters church, he also knew that the end of days isnt for man or God but the end of days of peters church. This is why jesus called peter a satan.

  2. Alex,
    If what you say is true then Jesus was unable to keep His promise that the Gates of Hell would not overcome His Church.

    Also, where does it say anything like what you assert, in Scripture?

    On the one hand, Protestants proclaim Sola Scriptura. And on the other, they elevate their thoughts to the level of dogma.

    Please see my post:

    Do Protestant Traditions Negate the Word of God

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