Scripture vs. the Catholic Church:Mary was NOT “Ever Virgin”

After this he (Jesus) went down to Capernaum with his mother and brothers and his disciples. John 2:12
Mary is “ever virgin” and Jesus did not, therefore, have any siblings. (Unless they were all “virgin births” making them all Christs.)

BFHU: Again these verses are taken out of the context of the New Testament and the culture in which they were spoken. Please see the Catholic explanation of who the “brothers and sisters” of Jesus were and also how St Paul and others used the exact same Greek word to address their epistles to Brothers. They were NOT St. Paul’s siblings. Please see my post WHO WERE THE BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF JESUS?

“All that the Father gives me will come to me, and I will not lose one.” John 6:37
Whereas the Biblical process of salvation begins with God, the process of salvation for Catholics begins with man and must be within the Catholic Church. Even those in the Catholic Church may lose their salvation due to mortal sin.

BFHU: This is either an outright lie or you have been lied to. Salvation in the Catholic Church is ONLY by the Grace of God. He has provided the means for our salvation…God/Man Jesus. But we must access that grace by our free will choice. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus as a beacon on the path of salavation.

It is a heresy to say that only Catholics can be saved. Please see my post and common misunderstandings of There is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church

Yes salvation can be lost due to mortal sin. Please see my post Can We Lose Our Salvation?


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