Bishop of Orlando, Florida: Mass of Reparation


Mass of Reparation – May 2009

Today’s Mass is offered in reparation for the sins and transgressions committed against the dignity and sacredness of human life in our world today. We do this at the initiative of Notre-Dame alumni here in Central Florida who, like many other Catholics across the country, are confused and upset that their alma mater would grant an honorary doctorate to President Obama despite his rather extremist views on abortion. In granting this honorary degree, Notre-Dame chose to defy the Bishops of the United States who have said that “the Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

The hurt felt by many throughout the United States is real, for Notre-Dame’s actions, despite its protests to the contrary, seem to suggest that it wishes “to justify positions that contradict the faith and teachings of the church; to do so, as Pope Benedict reminded Catholic educators in Washington, DC last year “would obstruct or even betray the university’s identity and mission.” At the very least, Notre-Dame’s actions suggest that, unlike a beauty queen from California, it lacks the courage of its convictions.

However, our purpose here this evening is not to rail against the insensitivity or thoughtlessness exhibited by Notre-Dame’s president and board. As I told a reporter who asked me last week, why I am celebrating a Mass of Reparation, “I am a bishop; and so I am not going to send upset Catholics to storm Notre-Dame with pitchforks, I am going to tell them to pray.”

You can read the rest of his homily HERE–>Bishop Wenski

2 Responses

  1. I just had a few things to ask, and you dont have to message me back. would you consider the pope a god? I’m guessing not. But, how is he any different from other christians? Also, abortions dont murder a child, when all that is there is an embrio. We are already overpopulating the earth as it is. Lastly, why can’t all the Christians and Catholics forgive the President for his ‘wrong-doings’?

    • Of course the pope is not a god. He is fully human. He is a Christian just like the rest of us but he is placed in the office of Pope to govern the Church of Christ. Just like a president. He is not a god or humanly any different but he has a lot of authority to govern as the POTUS.

      The pope is similar except Christ assures the Church that the Pope will never teach error to the whole Church on faith and moral.

      Abortions do murder a human being. An embryo is human. It is not a plant or a dog or cat. IT IS HUMAN. It is evil to kill it just because it is inconvenient and too helpless to to resist.

      The earth is NOT overpopulated. That is a myth promulgated by the the culture of death. According to the first predictions the human race should have been decimated by starvation by this time. But here we all are because science and technology have increased the food supply. Starving people are always the result of corrupt governments today.Not overpopulation.

      Did you know that every single person in the whole world could be placed in the small state of Rhode Island with 4 square foot each?

      If I can in 4 square feet (2 feet by 2 feet), then the entire population of the world, can stand in about 933 square miles. Rhode Island is 1214 square miles. It’d be crowded, standing room only, but yes, it could be done.

      And the whole rest of the planet would be empty of human beings. Of course that is not enough land to survive on but it give an idea that the earth is not overpopulated by any means. There is another calculation that the whole world’s population could fit into the large state of Texas with 1/3 of an acre each, and the whole rest of the planet empty of people.

      Christians of every sort would certainly forgive President Obama for all his wrong doings but first he would have to have a change of heart and policy. Shall we forgive a serial killer who has no intention of stopping his murderous rampage?

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