What I Don’t Get About the Catholic Church

What i don’t understand is how you guys can ignore how evil the church has been in the past.

BFHU: Catholics have done evil and so have Protestants. Just like it is not the Protestant Christian faith that condones evil, so it is not the Catholic Faith that condones evil. The recent sex scandal of priests of the Catholic Faith was evil but it was not condoned/approved by the Catholic Church. There is a very big difference.

They have killed millions of people just for having the bible.

BFHU: That is not true.

Were they just ignoring Christ then for a little while?

BFHU: The members of the Catholic Church can and do ignore Christ but the Church and those in authority do not ignore Christ. The Church is not a controlling dictatorship that is able or willing to controll the behavior of all of its members. God does not do that and the Church does not do that. God created Adam and Eve and look at what they did with their free will. Jesus chose Judas and look what he did with his free will. The Catholic Church owns all of her members. She does not have the luxury of leaving behind the less savory members and starting a new church like the Protestants are able to do.

Some of the popes even wore a crown that said ‘ I take the place of almighty god’.

BFHU: Can you prove this please. I don’t think this is true b/c it is not remotely like anything we believe.

If Catholic churches are following the bible so rightly how come the head of the church is called the father?

BFHU: What is wrong with that? Paul called himself a father. We are merely following the apostles lead.

that is a sin correct?


Calling your self god?

BFHU: Calling yourself god would be a sin. But no one but a heretic in the Catholic Church would call himself god. Where are you getting this stuff?

Some popes even sold parchments that remitted all sin but all you had to do was pay for it.

BFHU: That is not true. It may be a huge distortion of indulgences.

The pope controls what happens on earth, in heaven and in hell… what?

BFHU: If he could do that we would be living in a heaven on earth. Who told you that? You are being lied to deliberately or accidentally.

Also mary a saint?..

BFHU: Yes, Mary is a Saint.

What happened to Jesus saying theres not one man on earth who is good.. not even one…

BFHU: Jesus did not say that.

Jesus also said that mary had no spirtual ‘plus’ over anyone else.

BFHU: Jesus did not say that either. That is your interpretation. We interpret it differently.

Why do you people pray to her now? isnt that idoltry praying to a person a object anything other than god him self? sigh

BFHU: We ask her to interecede for us. We do not believe that she by her own power answers our prayers but she joins her prayer to ours and God and God alone answers our prayer. No, asking for the intercessory prayer of other Christians is not idolotry where on earth did you get that idea? We do not pray to objects or worship anyone but God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I apologize if I may come off as ignorant… I just am trying to learn about the history of every religion and so far I am heavily non denomination christian… All I do every day is pray to god all day and follow the commandments as closely as i can learn them…

BFHU: There is so much hatred of the Catholic Church out there that has been innocently picked up and swallowed whole by many other Christians of good will. You need to find out what the Catholic Church actually believes from FAITHFUL, Knowledgable Catholics.I would recommend Catholicism vs Fundamentalism by Karl Keating and then By What Authority by Mark Shea.

why is the person who wrote this story so interested about eating his flesh and blood?

I wrote the conversion story. And I just want to obey Jesus and all that He said in John 6

I want to eat the Body and Blood of Jesus so that:
I won’t die
I will live forever
I can have Eternal Life
I can be raised up at the last day
I want true food and drink
I want to abide in Jesus
I want to live

You should desire His Body and Blood also so that you too may have all of these benefits..

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