What Scriptures Support Catholic Doctrines?

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Q. What scriptures support Catholic beliefs?
A. You ask for this because youare convinced that the Bible should be the final authority for Christian beliefs. But, think about it. Sola Scriptura would never have caught on if it had not been invented after the invention of the printing press
. Before the invention of the printing press one Bible would have cost the equivalent of $25,000 US. At that cost how many of us would own our own Bible?

Besides most people could not even read, until the last century. And even today 20% of the world’s population cannot read.

Would God have made salvation dependent upon reading and owning your own Bible no matter how much it cost for the whole history of Christianity? And what about the 20% of people who still can’t read? Are they just out of luck along with millions of people for the last 2000 years who could not read? Or…did Christ found a Church that read scripture every day at mass and handed down the oral teaching of the Apostles to the faithful? Just like the Catholic Church.


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