Why Not Just Pray to Jesus?

Mark: Why would God provide the ultimate sacrifice in Jesus Christ and then convolute the process for which mankind should understand this sacrifice by allowing prayers to Mary?

BFHU: “Praying to Mary” which is really asking her for her intercession does not in any way convolute the sacrifice of Jesus. Just as we ask friends and loved ones to pray for us; we also ask heros of the faith, in Heaven, to pray for us.

Mark: When Christ said that he is the way, the truth and the life, did he know what he was
talking about? Absolutely! God doe not lie. Do His words leave room for any other truth or exception? Absolutely not! If then, he is the Only Way and truth, then why would I need to pray to anyone else except to him?
BFHU: Mark, you are mixing together two issues. Catholic Faith affirms that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. That is one thing. Intercessory prayer is another issue and  in no way contradicts who Jesus is, His sacrifice, Salvation etc. Intercessory prayer is simply one member of the Body of Christ, asking another member to join him in prayer, to God. This in no way nullifies anything Christ is or has done for us. Mary and the Saints are  human. They have finished the race and are in Heaven.

Mark: More to the point,
why would I want to pray to anyone else when Christ has provided the means for me to talk directly to God?

BFHU: We are not praying TO the Saints. We are asking for their intercession. Just like we ask for friends to pray for us.
Mark:Regarding the current relationship between Mary and Jesus, my sister-in-law said
to me, “Mary knows how to nudge Jesus just the right way to get him to move on your behalf”.
BFHU: This is just how your sister-in-law explains it or understands it. This is not how the Church explains it.

Mark:This saddens me because the implication is that God doesn’t know you unless she (Mary) speaks for you.
BFHU: You are jumping to a conclusion that we do not believe.

Mark:This brought to my minds eye a picture of
a dog trainer showing his dog a new trick. Is God the teacher or the student?
BFHU:The Teacher

Mark:The Creator or the created?
BFHU: The Creator.

Mark:Can the most Holy of Holies be manipulated and lead in this way? Of course not! He wouldn’t be God if this was true. God is omnipresent and knows everyone of our hearts and our desires.

Mark:Is Mary? Why then pray to Mary?
BFHU: Because she is the Mother of Our Lord. Jesus honors His mother in conformity to His Word. She is a living part of the Body of Christ and we are exhorted to pray for one another. Mary desires to pray for us. If you forbid asking our brothers and sisters in Heaven to pray for us, then how can you permit asking our brothers and sisters with us in time pray for us? What Scripture supports this dichotomy?

Mark:. He also said that heaven is a place where there is no more suffering and tears. If this is true then how could a heavenly mere mortal (Mary), looking down from heaven,
not feel sorrow and hurt as she looked down onto a hurting and troubled world?

BFHU: In the same way that God the father Jesus and the Holy Spirit, also in Heaven look down upon the suffering in this world. “They are compassionate but it does not cause them sorrow.” –St. Augusine in Confessions.

Mark:Psalms 118:8 reads, “ It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in
BFHU: I agree.
Mark:This verse may mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people but
for me it means that I should continue to seek the LORD with all my heart and He will be faithful to open the door of understanding. God has said for me/you to knock and seek so that I/we can get to know him on a very personal level.

BFHU: I agree.
Mark:That said, is there a need for a created mediator to help me with this?
BFHU:Absoutely! Faith comes by Hearing. A created mediator must read and teach for us to hear so that faith may come to us. God  makes a habit of working through the mediation of mere human beings all through Scripture, OT & NT. He made the Israelites conquer Canaan when He could have just wiped them out and opened it up for Israel. He wanted the apostles to preach the Gospel to all when He could have just infused the Gospel into every heart supernaturally. these are just two examples of hundreds.
Mark:Dogma, creed and tradition are the fathers of all religions. To tradition I say,
it is good as long as it does not contradict the words of God as written in the

BFHU: Good. Then you will be happy to know that none of our Traditions, Dogmas, or creed contradict anything in the Word of God.

Please give me scriptural support for praying to Mary when God has made himself available to me?
BFHU: We are not obligated to pray to Mary. I will give scriptural support if you can prove with scripture that all Christian beliefs and practices MUST be found in Scripture.

Mark; If you cannot provide the scriptural support, can you please
provide me a logical reason for doing this?

BFHU: I think I have already done this. Members of the Body of Christ, on Earth, in Heaven or Purgatory love and care about each other and pray for one another as exhorted in James to do. That is all there is to it.

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