Catholics Sound Like They Worship Mary

Karine: But here is the problem: my family and friends(catholics) do pray TO Mary and the saints. They are asking her favors, and they are thanking her for her support and her answers. In a catholic magazine, I read that story of a woman asking Mary for advice and listening to her voice. If that is not contradicting the scriptures, it is close. The theory you are explaining is nice, but the reality is something else.

BFHU: The “theory (I am) explaining” is the teaching of the Catholic Church. I think you should politely ask your relatives if they believe Mary has the power on her own to answer prayer or if God answers her prayers for us.

It can sometimes sound downright heretical (and maybe it is) but I once had a Physician friend tell us how he had gone to Europe and actually seen Catholics worshipping idols in the Churches. What he saw were people kneeling in front of statues or pictures and praying. Because Protestants only say prayers to GOD, when he saw prayer in front of a statue he was convinced he was seeing idol worship. Now, I don’t know what was in the heart of the people in prayer but neither did he. He jumped to a conclusion based on the traditions of his religion, which created a bias he was completely unaware of. He is a very nice man but in this case made a judgement of the heart of someone he never even talked to or inquired about what they were doing. This is uncharitable. And he would never want to be uncharitable. He didn’t mean to be, but Protestantism breeds a pride and arrogance that secretly takes root without the individual realizing its hidden presence. I am speaking from experience.

Karine: There is a problem with the teachers of the catholic church if the flock is so mislead.

BFHU: You could not be more correct about that! The catechesis in the Catholic Church in America and Europe has been a huge failure for the past 40 years. Thats 30 years longer than I have been Catholic. I thank God I did not have to go through all those years like so many Catholics around the world.

Karine: You are from a protestant background, and you intensely studied the dogmas of the catholic church, but the regular believer who just goes to mass does not seem to know all that you are explaining on this website.

BFHU: You’re right again, unfortunately.

Karine: Another thing that’s wrong: the danger of too much emphasis. I know you are not too crazy on sola scriptura, but really the first church- Acts and the letters are pretty silent on asking prayers to Mary or the Saints. Actually, they are pretty silent on Mary period. Mary and the Saints are SO present in a conversation with a catholic that one would be entitled to ask if they are not taking the place of Jesus.

BFHU: Romans 12:4Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, 5so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others

I Corinthians 12:4 Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, 5so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others… 27Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it

Karine: Also, it is just weird to hear catholics pray 20 times the same thing. That does contradicts Scriptures(Matthew 6.7)

When I ask a friend to pray for me , I do not go like this: –

Dear friend could you pray for me? You so great and so nice and God bless!Dear friend could you pray for me? You so great and so nice and God bless!Dear friend could you pray for me? You so great and so nice and God bless! etc.

See what I mean?

BFHU: LOL. I do see what you mean. But do you understand the history of the Rosary? You can read it HERE—>Short Hisory of the Rosary or Catholic Encyclopedia It is not really about asking 50 times for the same thing. It is primarily a meditation on the life of Christ that takes about 20 minutes for each set of mysteries- The joyful,sorrowful, luminous and glorious. It is really a very beautiful devotion and in several of Mary’s church approved, appartions Mary begs for everyone to pray the Rosary. It does not focus on Mary as many think but on her Son.

Below are the Mysteries. This can seem a little complicated and daunting. Because the rosary and beads are a means for praying with focus, the mysteries merely refine that focus further.

The Five Joyful Mysteries are: (one mystery per rosary decade)

1) The Annunciation: The Angel Gabriel appears to Mary to announce she is to be the Mother of God.

2) The Visitation: Mary is greeted by her cousin Elizabeth who declares, “Blessed art Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb!”

3) The Nativity: The Virgin Mary gives birth to our Savior.

4) The Presentation: The Blessed Mother presents the child Jesus in the Temple.

5) The Finding in the Temple: The Blessed Mother finds Jesus in the Temple.

The Five Sorrowful Mysteries

1) The Agony in the Garden: Jesus prays in Gethsemane

2) The Scourging at the Pillar: Pilate has Jesus whipped

3) The Crowning with Thorns: Upon Jesus’ head is placed a painful crown of thorns

4) The Carrying of the Cross: Jesus carries the heavy cross upon His shoulders to Calvary

5) The Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the Cross and agonizes three hours before dying

The Five Glorious Mysteries

1) The Resurrection: Jesus rises three days after His death

2) The Ascension: Jesus ascends into heaven forty days after His resurrection

3) The Descent of the Holy Spirit: the Holy Spirit comes upon Mary and the Apostles

4) The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin: The Blessed Mother is brought body and soul into heaven to be with her Son

5) The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Mary is crowned Queen of heaven and earth

The Five Luminous Mysteries are:

1) The Baptism: John the Baptist baptizes Jesus in the river Jordan

2) The Self-Manifestation of Our Lord at Cana: Jesus changes water into wine at the wedding feast

3) The Proclamation of the

4) The Transfiguration: Jesus is transfigured before the disciples

5) The Institution of the Eucharist: Jesus offers His body and blood under the signs of bread and wine.

Karine:-To summarize: The ”asking prayers to saints” thing is badly taught, and is so unclear that catholics believers are doing it wrong. The emphasis is taken away from Jesus.

BFHU: This is not by design of the teaching of the Catholic Church. If people are praying to Mary in a wrong way then she will pray for them to come closer to her Divine Son. That is her desire, to lead us all to Christ. The Catholic Faith is a mystery and supernatural. It does not follow the ways of the world.

4 Responses

  1. why do u say that the catechesis of the catholic church has been a huge failure and why are u glad u didnt go through those years? can u pleez explain?

  2. It is my understanding from middle age adults that they were not taught the faith in their youth by CCD or confirmation but it was all about loving one another. Catholic Lite.

    The Baltimore Catechism has not been updated and it could be a great tool but it is taboo. I teach confirmation but there is no systematic teaching of the faith at my parish, or even requirements that kids go to Church every Sunday. Catholic Dogma is NEVER taught from the pulpit, etc.

    Or as Michael Voris says the Catholic Church has been Protestantized. Click on the link for a youtube video.
    This was exactly my thought shortly after I entered the Church. Because I saw a lot of attempts at appearing to be more Protestant. I laughed to myself b/c Protestants will NEVER become Catholic just because Catholic sing praise songs, get rid of stone altar, statues, art, stained glass and try to sound touchy feely. The big obstacles are Purgatory, infallibiltiy of the Pope, The Pope, Immaculate conception, the Real Presence of Jesus in communion.

  3. I see…….. but what about the catechisn being taught now? do the teachers need to go through a long course that prepares them well in the catholic and christian faith?

    • They are encouraged to take this course. I took it but learned very little. But I had educated myself in order to try to avoid coming into the Church.
      I live in California. It is very liberal/progressive/liturgically abusive here. And no one seems to care about the authentic Catholic Faith except a few scattered but precious priests and bishops.

      I am sure it is different in other parts of the country. Like Denver, St. Louis, Detroit, Arlingon, Oakland….

      Oh I just read your original question again. The reason I am glad I didn’t have to go through the first thirty years after the Council is b/c it is so difficult to know how it is supposed to be and watch good people be led astray for the past 10 years. But at least Pope B16 is making visible progress of renewal and reform built on JPII’s foundation.
      So even though abuse and heresy is hard to bear, at least I know things are finally going in the right direction. JPII saved the church from another schism and B16 is ready to start conforming our Church in continuity with our history. Renegades hijacked the Church and broke with the past after Vatican II. But the VII documents called for NONE of the changes crammed down the throats of Catholics around the world.

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