Global Warming Propaganda Dooms Africa!

I have to take a break from the usual material of my posts and address this issue. My family has gone to Africa three times to help in a villiage in one of the poorest countries in the World- Malawi. They are some of the sweetest and joyful people we have met despite their poverty. We have “adopted” nine children there so they can be fed and buy a uniform and books for school. When I saw this film it made my heart ache for these precious souls.

I have never bought the propaganda that we are on the brink of disaster because of Global Warming caused by industrialized nations. I am old enough to remember when dire predictions were made in the 1970’s, of a new Global Ice Age for the not too distant future . Being quite young and inexperienced about the consequences of a true ice age I could only interpret this as meaning we would then get snow in Southern California, and I thought that would be fun! Therefore, I was naturally skeptical of the sudden switch to “Global Warming”.

Over time my skepticism has only grown. A recent documentary made for British TV, The Great Global Warming Swindle has only confirmed me in my skepticism. No one is showing it in America because it is not Politically Correct. It totally debunks the Global Warming propaganda and shows the money trail that propels it. Even the past director of Greenpeace is appalled at the bad science, the drive of the “environmentalists” to keep Africa and other third world countries undeveloped!

And of course, there will be and are those who will close their minds to it b/c the Global Warming Propagandist will say the film was funded by big business. OK, so how do I know what the politics are and where all the money trails lead? I don’t. But I am convinced that the climate of the Earth changes with warming and cooling cycles caused not by puny men but by the gigantic force of the Sun. Otherwise, why would tropical plants grow in North Dakota as proven by fossil evidence? So, climate changes are natural and not catestrophic, it happened before and will happen again and life will go on.

What I am alarmed about is the fact that the UN and all of this hysterical propaganda is resulting in Keeping Africa Down along with other Third World Countries. This is inhumane and unconscionable. All of the developed world uses cheap fossil fuel electricity but Africa is being forced not to touch their oil and coal and use solar and wind generated electricity so they don’t compound the so called disaster of Global Warming. This kind of electricity generation is wonderfully clean but at this time three or more times expensive than fossil fuel electricity generation. We loved the idea of solar energy and we live in Southern California with lots of sunshine. But when we looked into it, it was extremely expensive and since the original capital outlay would not be earning any interest plus the cost of installation it would have taken 12 -15 years to break even. And that is IF there were no other major repairs or wearing out of anything over those years. And yet, the UN wants Africa, poor as it is, to use solar power for electricity or do without it.

A summary of the film by Thomas Sowell. Surprisingly he does not mention the destruction of the African Dream due to Global Warming Alarmists.

Perhaps, since he is an African-American he wanted to avoid appearing biased. While I hate to see America spend 4 Billion dollars on this issue, it is only money. What sickens me is that African children die by the thousands from living in a home where cooking is done inside on a wood fire and THAT second hand smoke IS deadly. Forget Global Warming and let’s help Africa and other Third World Countries develop.
To view video click on the link–>THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE

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6 Responses

  1. Your love for Africa and the people living there has left you blind to reality. To send Africans down the same path as we have walked would be absurd…it would be signing their local environments to an inevitable catastrophe. Your concept of “wealth” and “development” must really amuse the poor in Africa. Go ahead and waste your money on more providing western trappings…I would bet that you are a missionary of some kind…and likely overweight despite the lack of food for the poor.

  2. Jesus would be not be pleased. Your math concerning PV in California is down right idiotic. You obviously know very little about the solar market.
    Just keep that head in the sand and you will continue to feel good about yourself.

  3. Fred,
    I would absolutely abhor sending Africa down the same path we have walked. The moral degradation is heartbreaking in the US. I fail to understand what environmental “catastrophe” you are talking about. My environment is very lovely as is most everywhere I have gone in the world. I find it surprising that you consider food, health, and an education “western trappings”. I am not a missionary or overweight. And as far as my math, it was my physician husband’s math. We had two companies give us estimates for solar power and that is what he figured out. I am just taking him at his word–

    I am sorry that you could only make ad hominem attacks. I have not done a lot of research on this issue and am open to correction. But of course I would need substance, not school yard taunts…

  4. You should be made aware that ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ has been debunked as being dishonest at best. Many of the scientists interviewed in it, for example, have come out and said that what they said was taken completely out of context or edited severely to suit the needs of the program’s creators.

  5. It’s not propaganda. It is the truth. Climate change is very real and it’s happening. The question is no longer whether it happens but the cause for climate change: humans vs nature.

    So do you honestly believe that humans with all our technology and inventions do not have the power to affect the world?! We hold the power to kill millions and are still developing more. We have killed off hundreds of thousands of species, destroyed acres of land and habitat and we have polluted some of the largest and most beautiful bodies of water on earth. And yet you still say it’s not possible??

    How? Because it does not follow your inherent beliefs? Because it doesn’t make sense that we, when we are so small in the presence of God, can destroy something that He created? Perhaps that is something you need to pray about. Ask God for understanding, but don’t use denial as your coping mechanism.

    Please don’t be so narrow-minded.

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