The Saints, not Transcendent, Can’t Hear Your Prayers

JD: Being in Heaven does not cause people to become transcendent. They do not cease to pass through time one moment at a time and begin to exist in all time simultaneously as God does.

I find it interesting that you do not want to believe me when I say that the Saints are NOT transcendent. They are mere humans empowered by the power of God.

JD: Please understand that when you add things that God did not give us we cannot put any confidence in it. For you to say that I cannot prove to you that your doctrine is wrong to your satisfaction so therefore you will treat your doctrine as if it is a fact is simply saying that you do not love the truth.

BFHU: You do this as do all Protestants. Protestants want to hold the Catholic Church bound, to Scripture alone. And YET THEY HAVE NO SCRIPTURAL PROOF THAT WE SHOULD BE BOUND TO SCRIPTURE ALONE. The irony is that, the Doctrine of Sola Scriptura is UNSCRIPTURAL. Satan has played a cruel joke on Sola Scriptura Protestants.

JD: You will believe it regardless of whether it may be shown to be true or not. When I show you Scripture that contradicts your doctrine you simply say that there is some remote possibility that you may interpret that scripture in some way that may allow your doctrine, so you will continue to hold onto it as if it is a fact.

BFHU: Interpretation is the crux of the issue. Do you have the ability to interpret scripture infallibly? Do your pastors? The Catholic Church does claim that ability, therefore I and all Catholics are NOT BOUND to your interpretation of Scipture, your pastor’s interpretation or any other Protestant’s interpretation. Sorry….

JD: Don’t you see that you have no reason to put confidence in it to begin with? Don’t you see that you must put hope in a twisted interpretation of Scripture in order to have any hope at all that it might be an acceptable belief, and that this is the best you can hope for?

BFHU: You are wrong. The interpretations of Scriptures and the beliefs of the Catholic Church (founded by Jesus Christ Himself) have been the doctrines of our faith for 2000 years. Protestantism and all the varied and contradicting doctrines among themselves, have only been around for about 500 years. Why should I, or any Catholic, trust a new religion founded by mere men trying to convince the world that they rediscovered the true faith? Sorry, but no thank you.


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