Mary and the Saints are NOT Divine

BFHU: Mary and the Saints can only hear our millions of prayers by the power of God… Mary and the Saints are not Divine”

Joseph; That is a complete contradiction in terms. If they are not divine, they cannot hear millions of prayers to pray about them.

BFHU: Why is it a contradiction???

Of course they cannot hear the prayers of us on Earth by their human power. But, with God all things are possible. It is by HIS power of course. So the divine power comes from God, which makes them mere human beings.

Joseph: Hence, heaven does not make “saints” or the priesthood of all believers automatically supernatural-divine-like intercessors upon death.

BFHU: Correct.

Joseph: We can just derive assumptions without a biblical basis.

BFHU: I am going to guess that you meant “We can’t just derive assumptions without a biblical basis. And I will ask you “Why not?” The Protestant teaching of sola scriptural or Bible Alone is not scriptural. It is a tradition of men begun 500 years ago by Martin Luther.
It is amusing that one of Protestantisms most relied upon weapon against the Catholic Church, which is the demand, “Where is that in Scripture?” Is itself not scriptural.

Joseph; .. I am merely raising a very simple and logical proposition that is a complete paradox to focusing prayers to ordinary but blessed human beings.

BFHU: What we mean by “Prayers to the Saints” means asking them for intercessory prayer. Protestants believe in intercessory prayer. They are just not used to asking the Saints in Heaven to pray for them.

Joseph: I believe the cloud of witnesses can at times see and hear what’s going on, however, there is no biblical concept that reveals some humans are greater than others in relation to praying to them. I think they have better things to do than pray 24/7 for millions of roman catholics

BFHU: Thank you for your opinion but it is merely that. Your opinion. It is not convincing and it is not scriptural
I am not trying to offend. I just want you to realize that Protestants also believe things that are not scriptural. They seem to give themselves that freedom without a second thought. But, when it comes to anything Catholic they demand SCRIPTURE and if it is not forthcoming they condemn Catholics as heretics.

2 Responses

  1. Dear bfhu,

    I am wondering who this Joseph you are conversing with is, and if you can point us to the entire statement he makes on this topic so that we may examine what he is saying in context.

    Thank you.

  2. Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

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