Jesus NEVER called Mary His Mother

David D: 1. NOWHERE is MARY EVER ONCE venerated or prayed to ANYWHERE in the New Testament.

The one example we have of someone venerating Mary is in Luke 11 where Jesus is preaching and a woman in the crowd INTERRUPTS Jesus and heres what happened;

(LUKE 11:27-28) 27 As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed
is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.” 28 He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”

Jesus negated this woman’s assumption and turned the attention on the WORD OF GOD.

BFHU: Jesus never once said that God is a Trinity either. Did He use the word incarnation. Do you therefore reject the Doctrine of the Trinity and the Incarnation of the second person of the Trinity? Remember, the Protestant idea that all religious truth must be found explicitly in scripture or else it is illigitimate is not to be found in scripture alone.

David D: Jesus NEVER ONCE called Mary HIS OWN mother. Wonder why? lol

BFHU:Everything Jesus said and “did is not written because the world could not contain the books.” John 20:30 So you cannot actually KNOW that Jesus never called Mary “mother”. But what are you saying? You don’t believe Mary was the mother of Jesus?

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  1. I guess I would just like to add that even though Scripture never records Jesus as saying that Mary is his mother, Scripture does say that Mary was the mother of Jesus, more than once. If you hold Scripture as the Word of God, then you HAVE to admit that God has declared Mary to be mother of Jesus.

  2. Dear Lan,
    If Mary is the Mother of Jesus, and Jesus is God, then Mary is the mother of God.

    The phrase Mother of God was coined in the 4th Century in opposition to heretics who denied the divinity of Jesus Christ.

    We do not mean by it that Mary gave birth to the TRINITY or was pre-eminent. Mary was a creature just like you and me with one difference. God chose to create her without the fallen nature bequeathed to all of us by Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve also were created without a fallen nature.

    Since God the Son would reside in her womb for nine months it is fitting that she was a pure vessel to carry Our Lord. God could have done it differently, after all Jesus would later dwell with sinners.

  3. He never called her mother because God does not want us to worship her after she gave birth to him she went on to have other children she was no longer pure after she gave birth to him we are not to worship her are pray to her she was a woman just like the rest of us that God chose to carry his son Christ she would be so upset that people worship and pray to her like they do.

    • Tammy,
      Catholics do not worship Mary.

      This is a Protestant lie about the Catholic Church. You did not start it so you have no sin for this. So you can take my word for it or else prove to yourself what catholics teach regarding worshipping Mary by researching Catholic teaching in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

      When we “pray to Mary” we are actually asking her to pray for us to Our Father. Please read–>>I Just Don’t Get Prayer to Saints….

  4. Mary didn’t just give birth to Jesus,she raised him in her house for 30 years,when Jesus called Mary woman instead of mother it was because Mary is the new eve and Jesus is the new Adam,he wanted us to realise that she was the new eve. Even though he never called her mother there are texts un the bible that refer to Mary as the mother of god for example,Luke 1:43 blessed are you among woman and blessed us the fruit of thy womb! And why is this granted me that the “MOTHER” OF MY “LORD” should come to me. Mary contributed to half the DNA of Jesus what do u all think a mother Is.

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