Protestants Say: Catholics think they are saved by their Church

Protestants say Catholicism teaches: Salvation is supposedly through the Roman Catholic Church:

TRUE because Jesus built a Church

Matthew 16:18
And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

And …the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth…… 1 Timothy 3:15

Salvation is brought to each generation and person through the Church. This is how Jesus chose to bring us salvation. This does not mean that the Church replaces Jesus or can do without Jesus or is more important than Jesus and His Life, Death, and Resurrection. Jesus could have chosen to save each person by personally appearing to them and teaching them. But, he chose, instead to found a Church to do the preaching, teaching, baptisizing etc.

One Response

  1. The Roman Church is part of the Church Catholic, the universal Church. It calls itself “catholic” because it is. It is also orthodox, episcopal, presbyterian , baptist, etc. It is Orthodox because it holds the Apostolic truths from the scriptures and teaches those truths. It is episcopal because it has a hierarchy of bishops guiding the church. Even the pope of Rome is only a bishop, but the head one of the Roman Church. It is presbyterian because it has ordained priests. It is baptist because it baptises according to the scriptures.

    The Nicene creed formulated the beliefs of the church many centuries ago. It says that the Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. The “Catholic” in the creed doesn’t refer exclusively to the Church of Rome. It never did. But, the Church of Rome, along with the Eastern Orthodox Churches has adhered to this formula in the creed. They, collectively are the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. They are co-equal, and as Pope John Paul II said: the Body of Christ must breathe with the two lungs of the Eastern and Western Churches.

    In the tradition of these Great Churches, all Churches which recognize and follow the first seven ecumenical councils are catholic, orthodox, Apostolic, certainly Holy, and share the Oneness in Christ.

    Some extreme believers within the Roman Church have always said that there is no salvation outside of that Church. They can believe this if they want to, but it is contrary to the teachings of Christ and the catholic-orthodox/orthodox-catholic One Church.

    Some modern day fundamentalist churches call themselves “apostolic”. But, again, if they are not part of the ancient Apostolic Church which comes to us to this day, unbreeched, through the original Apostles chosen by Christ Himself, and through that which we call in Nicene creed terms: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic, they are not a real church. They have no connection. They are unpluged from the church catholic. They are the branch cut off from the vine. In todays thought they have a right to exist and we all have freedom of religion, church, thought, belief. Who is to say that the only way to salvation is through the church catholic? There can be many ways to Christ and many ways to salvation. Even outside of Christianity. Even outside of any way of belief.

    To those of us who believe that Jesus the Christ is the Son of the Living God, then this is the only way for us. We believe in the Triune God of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then this is the only way for us. But to all none believers who are good, compassionate, loving, giving, peaceful, honest, virtuous human beings, all those millions and millions who are not part of the church catholic, all separated Christians, all the Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, etc., etc., a loving Creator God is not going to condemn His Creation because they are not catholics.

    A lesson to all: don’t put God in a little box! Look at creation. Here on earth and throughout this magnificent universe. God is Great!

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