Passion for Truth: Discount for Ash Wednesday

A Priest friend of mine has a book coming out soon on the life of Cardinal John Henry Newman. A convert to the Catholic Faith from Anglicanism. I read Newman’s very scholarly book, The Development of Doctrine in my own journey to the Catholic Faith.

You can preorder it from Tan books. or St. Benedict’s Press

Articles on Newman by Fr. Juan R. Velez

Fr. Velez defended a doctoral dissertation at the University of Navarre titled:
    • Death, Immortality and Resurrection in John Henry Newman, in Excerpta e Dissertationibus in Sacra Theologia, XXXVI (1999) Only this listed publication is not available online.
He has published the following articles on Newman:

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  1. Like John Newman, we Benedictine monks rely on the teachings of the early church fathers in the development of doctrine which we believe is presented through Divine Revelation…All truth is absolute and is revealed to us in time by HIS will and purpose in order to bring glory and honor to the Triune Godhead…It is HIS will, not our own as our own is always for self….Br. Richard

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