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  1. It looks like a plug for liberation theology – like The Mission before it.

  2. Well, I haven’t seen the whole movie yet but I doubt it. The producer is not a fan of liberation theology and it is not longer admired in most quarters of the Catholic Church. No this is about Government intrusion upon Religious freedom. Sound familiar?

    • It sounds very, very familiar especially with our Roman Catholic adoption agencies forced to close down and the intention of all parties to legislate for so called Gay Marriage.
      Blessings and Peace to you for your blog from The UK.

  3. The State Vs. God
    Jesus Vs. Rome
    Elijah vs. King Ahab and his wicked queen Jezebel
    Daneil Vs. nebakanezer
    pharaoh Vs, Moses
    Cain Vs. Abel

    • Health and Human Services Mandate vs The Catholic Church

      • What, exactly is the position of Health & Human Services Mandate? I understand there is a clash between Obama’s Healthcare reforms and The Church but we don’t get it spelled out on UK news.

  4. I can’t remember the exact legal language but it will force everyone in the US to purchase health insurance that MUST provide and be paid for by employers for contraception, sterilization, and Plan B, morning after pill type thing. So, it forces Catholics and other Christians be they institutions or Catholic business owners to pay for insurance coverage that violates their conscience regarding Catholic doctrine. Next, no doubt, we will all be forced to pay outright for insurance plans that provide abortion as a mandate.

    Pregnancy is not a disease and these prescriptions do not treat a disease that threatens health.

  5. I can see why Catholics and other Pro Life Christians object. Our NHS has long treated all manner of social ills and personal choices as a matter of course and is much weaker as a result.

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