Shame on the Catholic Church


Deb: Look at the picture of pope John holding a wafer which is supposedly our Lord and Savior contained inside of a pagan sundial. How would Christ feel about being associated with the sun god Tammuz? Shame on the Catholic church for subjecting Christ to such mockery.

Bread From Heaven: Deb,Did you ever ask a knowledgeable Catholic if the item that holds Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist is meant to represent or be associated with the sun god Tammuz? If not where did you come up with that? Because it is just laughable. My guess is that someone who is eager to criticize the Catholic Church probably just jumped to an evil conclusion based on the looks and decided that their opinion was true without ever trying to find out the reality. It is the same “investigative” method some Protestants use to accuse Catholics of worshiping idols. They see a Catholic kneeling down in prayer in front of a picture or statue and they they know without a shadow of doubt that they have just witnessed modern day idolatry.
They could not be more wrong.

The item that holds the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus Christ is meant to adorn, glorify, and beautify the surrounding of Our Lord. That is all. It is called a monstrance which means, “to show”. Our Enemy surely inspired the sun god theory in the minds of your teacher.
Kyrie Eleison

2 Responses

  1. Actually, it might actually be a sun display. There is a great deal of symbolism in Jesus being equated with the Sun. It’s not for nothing that until Vatican II all masses in the Catholic and Orthodox world were oriented to the east, towards the rising sun, and Christmas is placed near the winter solstice where the days begin to grow longer. There are several hymns (which even appear in Protestant hymnals) on the “Sun of Righteousness”. You can find out more about this symbolism in the following Orthodox podcast.

  2. Thanks Anil,
    What you say is very true. Perhaps the sun motif was chosen for these symbolic reasons. But it certainly is not a connection to any sun god.

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