Why Do Protestants Feel Superior to Catholics?


This is an exchange from an ongoing conversation on:

My Conversion to the Catholic Church

in which Charles contends that daily scripture reading is commanded for salvation.

CHARLES:Martin Luther did not need new revelations to realise scripture is essential – it was already there in the bible. We should be ‘ obsessed”
by scripture in order to live our lives by it.

BREAD FROM HEAVEN: Martin Luther had NO AUTHORITY to change the Christian faith and add doctrines never before believed in the history of Christianity. He didn’t need to do that in order to realize the benefit of scripture. St. Jerome said in the 400′s AD:

“To be ignorant of scripture is to be ignorant of Christ.”

It is a Protestant myth that the Catholic Church does not value Scripture. And herein lies the difference and the danger of Luther’s doctrine as it affects Protestants. We should not be obsessed with scripture but with Christ, a pursuit of holiness, and evangelization. This is what our Catholic Faith teaches us.

The fact that many Catholics don’t practice this only proves many Catholics don’t practice our Faith. Protestants have a false sense of superiority over the Catholic Church because they leave a church they perceive as “dead” or less than perfect or when they disagree with the pastor or find the pastor in sin, or the music is not to their taste etc. Some even start a new church. These Protestants are very fervent and truly desire to serve Our Lord. And each time they leave for a holier Church or a more scripture based teaching church or a church with more uplifing music they feel their new church is truly following Christ better than the church they left. Until, perhaps as time goes by something makes them see faults and they leave again. This gives them a false sense being in a better church than the Catholic Church in which all Catholics find a home both fervent and less fervent, both saints and sinners and everything in between. This makes it VERY easy to find fault with the Catholic Church as Protestant focus on the less fervent and more worldly Catholics and compare them to their own fervent new church. A proper comparison would encompass all the exemplary holy Saints inspired by our One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. But as G.K. Chesterton said:

“It is impossible to be just to the Catholic Church. The moment men cease to pull against it they feel a tug towards it. The moment they cease to shout it down they begin to listen to it with pleasure. The moment they try to be fair to it they begin to be fond of it. But when that affection has passed a certain point it begins to take on the tragic and menacing grandeur of a great love affair.”
-G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

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  1. Reading even a small amount of st Jerome one realises just how important he believed scripture to be – he was sola scripture – testing everything by scripture.

    • St. Jerome emphasised the essence of the Scripture, neither he did not mention nor imply Sola Scriptura. St. Augustine’s Letter to St. Jerome’s letter also did not imply Sola Scriptura. Both put emphasis on the need to know God through the reading of Scripture. Not as authority.

    • Please site your source quotes for this assertion.

  2. St. Jerome relates in a letter to Eustochium how, at the time when he was beginning to lead the monastic life near Antioch, he was led by a very great grace to the assiduous reading of the Scriptures. The elegance of profane writers still pleased him greatly; by preference he read the works of Cicero, Virgil, and Plautus. Then he received the following grace: during sleep he beheld himself, as it were, transported before the tribunal of God, who asked him severely who he was. “I am a Christian,” Jerome replied. “You lie,” said the sovereign Judge. “You are a Ciceronian; for where your treasure is, there is your heart also.” And the order was given to scourge him. “Upon awakening,” writes St. Jerome, “I felt, indeed, that this had been more than a dream, that it was a reality, since I bore on my shoulders the marks of the stripes I had received. Since that time I have read the Sacred Scriptures with greater ardor than I formerly read profane books.” This experience explains St. Jerome’s statement to Eustochium in another letter: “Let sleep surprise you only reading; fall asleep only on Sacred Scripture.”

    • Cicero was a Profane author, which uses vulgarities or indecent use of words in early Vulgar Latin, which was linguistically sexual and scatological. As mentioned, St. Jerome liked it. In the dream, Jerome was then declared as non-Christian because he liked and accepted Cicero’s indecent works that are non-biblical. That temptation of reading profane ciceronian works had diverted him from putting his full attention on the Scripture. That’s why one should always focus on reading the Scripture. But again, he neither condemn the apostolic traditions in churches nor the authority of bible alone in governing a church. St.Jerome was even baptised into the Catholic church by Pope Innocent (if I’m not wrong).

      Btw, Cicero was an orator who introduced the Romans to the chief schools of Greek philosophy and created a Latin philosophical vocabulary (with neologisms such as humanitas, qualitas, quantitas, and essentia) distinguishing himself as a linguist, translator, and philosopher.

  3. We don’t have a false sense of superiority. We just belive that the greavinces listed in the 95 thesis and the many works of calvin have not been adressed there are a lot. Of things that many churches do that don’t sit right with many people instead of looking at the picture as broken look at it as people finding god in a way that’s comfortable for them. I myself at age 16 was told by my parents to try out religions and find what I belive and feel happy with I gave catholisim a try I gave just about everthing a try but the simplicity of lutheran is what keep me there the emphisis on scripture and the fact that women could be pastors(side note can’t stand the way catholics treat the nuns behind there back and don’t front you all know you make fun of them)

    • Dear Joey,
      Luther’s complaints against the Catholic Church have been addressed. You can probably read them online.

      Scripture tells us that Jesus wanted us to all be one. Protestantism contradicts and shatters His desire….even if they are sincerely seeking God.

      I hope you will continue to explore the Catholic Church. It is a very Deep and beautiful Faith. The older you get the more you will be able to appreciate it.

      If you want to be Lutheran b/c of the ordination of women…OK. But, Jesus did not ordain any women among the twelve. Yes, he had women followers. But, he did not ordain even His own mother. Don’t forget that that women can hold the most honored positions in the Catholic Church. More honored than priest, bishop or pope. They can be Saints and Doctors of the Church. But one must be holy. Many women in this culture just want a quick path to human respect.

      • @ Joey Gunn: You just assumed that all of Luther’s claims were legitimate. Pope Leo X in Exsurge Domine (1520) condemned the errors of Martin Luther. At the same time, the Church also convened the Ecumenical Council of Trent (1545-1563) under Pope Paul III which responded by a vigorous campaign of reform. All the worldly excesses of the Renaissance had been eradicated a long time ago. Why are you still protesting?

      • If I am not wrong, King Henry VI (Can’t remember the number) also condemned Martin Luther’s doctrines even though he was excommunicated from the Catholic church. King Henry was praised as a Defender of the Faith by the Pope, though he supposedly started the Anglican Church with actual reformations started by Queen Elizabeth. If my memory serves me right.

        • Hey Spencer,
          It was Henry the VIII. He did start the Anglican Church, due to the Catholic Church not letting him get a divorce from his wife Katherine. He was lusting after Ann Boylen. So what he did was say, “Okay if they will not give me a divorce I will create a Church myself and be the head of it.” In doing so he was able to put Katherine away, get his divorce, and marry Ann. Before this happened the Pope did praise Henry as “Defender of the Faith.” Henry VIII was a devout Catholic and that is why the Anglican Church resembles the Catholic Church. In doing this though, he made everyone sware an allegiance to him as King and as Supreme head of the Church. This caused the death of St. Thomas More and Biship Fisher as they would not do this. Of course he eventually beheaded Ann so he could marry Jane Seymour. So truly it was all for nothing! The Anglican Church was created because of his lust for Ann. That is the only reason he did it. God Bless, SR

          • I see, thank you! I mixed up most of the stuff as I’m not very sure of the history of the Anglican church.

            I see. So the church he formed is the Anglican-Catholic church? I heard that their high-church service is very similar to the Catholic mass and they have their own form of rosary I think.

            • You are welcome! I am a big “Tudor” buff and read everything I can get my hands on about them. Not saying I agree with what they did, but they surely were never “bored:>)” I do not know about the Rosary but that is not to say it is not true. I am going to have to do some “hunting” on that and find out. Thanks for giving me that info. God Bless, SR

            • I see i see. You sound so interested in the Anglican church haha.

              • No not so much. I am a big history buff though, especially when it comes to this family. I am one of those people where “I know a whole lot about nothing, but a little bit about everything:>)” I like to read. Thanks for the conversation and God Bless, SR

          • Dear SR,

            Yes, you are right. The title Fidei Defensor was granted on October 11th 1521, by Pope Leo X to King Henry VIII of England.The title was conferred in recognition of Henry’s book Assertio Septem Sacramentorum (Defence of the Seven Sacraments), which defended the sacramental nature of marriage and the supremacy of the Pope. This was also known as the “Henrician Affirmation” and was seen as an important opposition to the early stages of the Protestant Reformation, especially the ideas of Martin Luther. About ten years later it turned out so bad, the spirit is strong but the flesh is weak.

            • Hey hoc_est,
              You are so right!!! It always amazes me how he could defend the Sacraments and then do what he did. Kind of mind boggling to me?? He was “very” opposed to Martin Luther. I guess it just goes to show, how lust can get us into all sorts of trouble:>) It truly did him, for years. If he would have asked me to be one of his wives, I would have run so far in the woods and dug a “fox hole:>) He loved to hunt, so that probably would not have worked either:>) Thanks so much for the follow up to my comment and God Bless, SR

              • Dear SR,
                Yes, His Royal Highness was a devout Catholic for a part of his life, but a hunter for all of his life. He married six times, he divorced to of his wives and two of his wives were beheaded. Among his victims were, according to my history book, 12 dukes and earls, 164 nobles, 124 citizens, 110 women, 2 cardinals, 2 archbishops, 18 bishops 13 abbots and 500 monks. Moreover the belongings of the Catholic Church were confiscated. Call it the great theft.

  4. Joey – from reading scripture I don’t think women should be pastors except maybe to teach the younger woman as paul mentions.

    As an aside I am reading catholic saints- .net about dancing, pubs and clubs etc – frightening how far christians are deviating from the narrow road by reading what these people taught .

    • These are not intrinsically immoral behaviors. More terrifying is espousing pro-choice and pro-abortion views, practising artificial contraception, using abortifacients, approving same-sex marriages and homosexual ministers, committing adultery by divorce and remarriage, etc. being blessed and adopted by Protestantism with a majority vote. All because of heresies bleeding errors of Bible Alone and Private Interpretation, OSAS, Double-predestination. No amount of bible study is going to save a person (it only serves to condemn more severely). The fine distinction of bibliolatry which is a MAJOR violation of Commandment No 1.

      • I believe it should be ‘No amount of bible study, according to your own private interpretation which you deem fit, proper and accurate, is going to save you’ to fit into your argument against the Protestant doctrines.

        • I got it but the irony and sentiment expressed by we-all-know-who is that the amount of bible study is like pharisical works which justify one’s salvation. They twisted the words of Jerome as they do with the rest oif the scriptures … the “ignorance” part needs to be interpreted in the context you described. I call the Protestant phenomenon of the abuse and misuse of the words of God as bibliolatry. They worship a book instead of the Word of God incarnate …

          • Surkiko , Spencer – I have taken the above from catholic websites – and the no private interpretation is a misquote of what peter actually said. As I have said about 6 times on this site – peter was actually saying that the Holy Spirit gives the words of scripture not private interpretations – it implies absolutely nothing against reading scripture
            and interpreting it.

            The anti cut and paste people are found on evolutionary websites – it is to close down any debate. All debate involves quotes and views
            without these there can not even be preaching – which would involve
            quotes from the Bible etc – so the devil cuts down debate by labelling
            people as quoteminers or cut and paste.

            • @ C Allan: I guess when Christ (the Logos himself) will judge that “Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven”, the bibliolaters will tell Christ to beat it because it’s not agreeable with how they privately interpreted to be the will of the Father. Besides trying to persecute the church of Christ so vehemently, I hope that the other more important areas of your spiritual life are right with God (or you risk missing the mark). If you’re a blue Protestant, are you pro-life, is your married life chaste, do acts of charity (by grace), renounce contraceptive and abortifacient pills? Are you divorced and remarried several times?

              • surkiko – why am I persecuting the church of Christ ? I am a catholic
                – I am pro life – we did renounce contraception and had five daughters – I had some awful sins due to lack of bible study which I now realise but we did not divorce – they did not involve physical adultery but behaving and looking in lust when drunk. I was married only once but
                before I became a believer I was a fornicator.

                I did not get baptised by water and the spirit for 15 years so was not born again. How I missed this essential I dont know but presume it was
                my lack of bible study. Maybe 7 more demons even more evil than the ones I already had came into my empty house.

                I look back with clarity on all my sins but can’t understand how I was so blind to them before.

                So my blogs to anyone on this site are about bible study which is essential to salvation. I don’t think Jesus will condemn anyone for
                excessive bible study – impossible – however if the christian does not
                follow the commandments in his bible study then this is a different matter.

                • @ C Allan: I’m very happy for you for your conversion experience. You have to be able to see that for every one of you, there are other 99 similar conversion stories which also have had led the believers “home” to the Catholic Church because they want to be more faithful to our Lord. Reading the bible for edification is surely more than okay, private interpretation contrary to orthodoxy (apostolic teachings) is quite a different matter. So who gave you the idea that you were not “born again” of the water and spirit when you were first baptized? Don’t despise the grace which has obviously continued to work with you from the beginning (and has had led you to be re-converted). Don’t blame the Holy Spirit because you did not live a virtuous life before. In fact, conversion is supposed to be an ongoing thing anyway. Even now, you’re still very prone to fall away again in spite of the novel terminology of being “born again” of Evangelicalism. Your private interpretation of John 3 is very faulty. I suggest that you continue to cooperate with God’s grace instead of returning to the old self of being rebellious and prideful. Take your own advice about “excessive bible study” … follow the Lord and his commandments first. If Christ said to the Church, “He who listens to you listens to me; he who rejects you rejects me; but he who rejects me rejects him who sent me”, this should give every Me-Jesus un-believer out there something to ponder. Here, Christ never said to listen to the bible (alone!) but to an authoritative teaching Church established by him. So who have you been listening to lately?

                  • Surkiko – except ye be born again …….. comes from Jesus not evangelism. I was not baptised until 15 years after becoming a believer – nor did I take communion – no one seemed to notice this . I am not blaming the Holy Spirit since I quenched the spirit before and after baptism.

                    I was an athiest until my first child died – then I searched for meaning
                    but instead of being baptised by water and the spirit I just went to my wife’s catholic church unbaptised and unable to take communion.

                    My wife had never read the bible as a catholic apart from maybe a little at school and once a week church readings so she did not manage to shake me out of complacency about baptism.

                    • Dear Charles,

                      So, I think we assumed that you were baptized as a baby by Catholic Parents. I am so sorry your first child died. I cannot imagine the pain. So, then were you eventually baptized in the Catholic Church, receive First Communion and Confirmation?

                      A person is able to live a holy life as a Catholic without Bible study but Bible study keeps holiness much more in focus. But, it is by the Grace of God that one is converted in the first place and becomes one with a zeal for God. Keep praying for Truth and seeking for Truth no matter where it leads you.

                    • @ C Allan: BFHU said it all. My apology if I have assumed wrongly that you were baptised as a cradle Christian in any faith tradition. But now that you are a Catholic, you cannot be a cafeteria type, picking and choosing what to believe and not to believe. Believe me, your situation is not as uncommon as you think, attending mass with a spouse without wanting to go forward for baptism for many years. But there’s nothing like an adult conversion experience. In the past, private bible reading was not actively encouraged in the Catholic Church because of the weariness of the fanaticism (heresies, errors) of Protestants. There is a fresh spring now for Catholic bible study. We just want to encourage the safe bible study with the mind of the Church. Trust me, you won’t find anything taught in the Church that’s contrary to the bible. On the other hand, if you read and interpret the bible haphazardly on your own, you may find yourself professing something which is in contradiction to the bible and against the apostolic (T)raditions of 2000 years from Christ.

          • Yes, I agree. It is just like how pious muslims treat their holy book. When you throw a bible in the toilet you get a work of art, but when you throw a quran in the toilet you get dead threats. The latter is bibliolatry indeed.

        • I know and my heart is with you. As you know, some we-all-know-who groups are kind of famous for literally ‘cut & paste’ anything that may appear to be against you – be it in / out of context or logical / illogical.

          To them, that very sentence ‘No amount of bible study is going to save a person (it only serves to condemn more severely)’ – may sound like you’re saying that Bible study only makes one condemn others & is of little importance in salvation or knowing God. Of course, in the eyes of we-all-know-who.

  5. St Jerome – from the Crossroads Initiative (see website) :-

    his famous excerpt from Jerome’s Commentary on Isaiah (Nn. 1.2: CCL 73, 1-3) is used in the Roman Office of Readings for the Feast (liturgical memorial) of St. Jerome on September 30. In it, St. Jerome firmly insists that ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ. A strong exhortation from a Father and Doctor of the Catholic Church to Christians urging all to recognize that serious Bible study is a necessity, not an optional luxury. The author, St. Jerome, was a monk and bible scholar of the 5th century, a contemporary of Saint Augustine.

    I interpret as I should, following the command of Christ: Search the Scriptures, and Seek and you shall find. Christ will not say to me what he said to the Jews: You erred, not knowing the Scriptures and not knowing the power of God. For if, as Paul says, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God, and if the man who does not know Scripture does not know the power and wisdom of God, then ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.

    Therefore, I will imitate the head of a household who brings out of his storehouse things both new and old, and says to his spouse in the Song of Songs: I have kept for you things new and old, my beloved. In this way permit me to explain Isaiah, showing that he was not only a prophet, but an evangelist and an apostle as well. For he says about himself and the other evangelists: How beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news, of those who announce peace. And God speaks to him as if he were an apostle: Whom shall I send, who will go to my people? And he answers: Here I am; send me.

  6. Yes, amen to that! Bible-study is definitely a very great need! In fact, we should imitate St. Jerome for his marvelous passion for the Scripture! Hence, Bible is compulsory for all Christians to read. We do not want any believers not to read or know the Bible, since it’s declared as God-inspired by the Church. Anyway, I’ve read the paragraph, which you’ve kindly posted, to share this wonderful reminder that one should always read the bible to know God, using our human-level wisdom to briefly understand his great plans and works in and for us. Not only that, we can preach this Good News of Jesus Christ to non-believers.

    But then again I have to ask this, did St. Jerome mention that the Scripture is the only final authority that must be governing the Church? I believe ardent Love for Scripture (any Catholic would also have) does not imply or equate to ‘Sola Scriptura’. In fact, when St. Jerome was alive, he was a Catholic who loved God passionately through the Scripture declared by the Church. In addition, I believe St. Jerome did not preach to the crowd that one should not follow the church’s interpretations, but his or her own private ones. Did he?

    Yes going on with that line, I’ve already admitted that I’ve got that verse about Peter out of context. The scripture is definitely inspired by God the Holy spirit. We allow anyone to read and interpret the Bible. But the problem arises from here, which or whose interpretation is what God had always intended for us to have? Yours, mine, your friends, relatives or even strangers you meet on the streets?

    Just a personal sharing on this problem: One of my non-denominational friends (from what he had interpreted from the Scripture himself during cell-group meetings) told me that we can do whatever we want; be it gambling, watching pornography, hating parents, not helping the needy, etc, because God always forgives. Who cares what we do as long as we confess. However, it conflicted with my own interpretation of the Bible that we should be carrying out faith & good works. I believe it contradicts with yours and some others too. So now, who’s right then?

    That’s the point we’re trying to bring across that one should not follow his or her own private interpretation. As mentioned, Christ only promised that the Holy Spirit will lead the 12 apostles (not the crowd) to preach correctly and make disciples from all nations, as according to Matthew. Besides, the Church (where teachings date back to the days of apostles) is the pillar of truth and foundation of Truth as mentioned by Timothy, who was then a bishop of Ephesus. Hence, anyone can read and interpret the bible at first. After which, go to the Church to clarify whether yours is right or not; as according to the Epistles to Timothy.

  7. Dear Charles,
    St. Jerome was alive and active at the very time the Scriptures were canonized. He vehemently disagreed with many about canonizing some of the books of the OT. He argued and wrote for his view and he lived in the Holy land and could read the Scriptures in the original languages.

    But, in the end his view was rejected. The Church and the Pope in four different decision over several years right around 400AD, closed the canon. Jerome then submitted to the authority of the Church and translated the canon of scripture into Latin for the Church.

    As long as it was an open question he was free to have his own opinion based upon his reading of scripture. But once the Church spoke with final authority, Jerome did not leave the Church and start his own but obediently submitted to the Church.

  8. Spencer
    If your friend arrived at his conclusions by misinterpreting scripture which he clearly has done then this should not put off another from rightly dividing scripture.

    • Precisely. You disapproved his private interpretation, besides, his interpretation was even influenced by his cell group mates. I think he believes that his own interpretation is true.

      Rightly dividing scripture?

  9. I was christened as a baby in the Scottish episcopal church – but not confirmed.

    I met my wife and went to her catholic church but did not get baptised until 15 years after the death of my daughter. The priest never said much – he wanted me to become part of the church but never said anything to me about the importance of baptism .

    • @ C Allan: I’m with you there. It’s a big shame. But it’s for you now to witness your great faith with priests and people around you. They all need to be “born again” with a new evangelistic spirit for Christ’s sake. We have become too complacent and even churchy. Definitely more private bible study on the part of the laity and even priests who have neglected it somehow.

  10. What little bible study I did – lectio divina – actually gave me exactly what I needed at the time but I used my time carelessly and did not persevere in bible study which is a pity since I liked reading the bible.

    • I’m sorry about your past. I believe your passion for the scripture shouldn’t be put off by anyone. Lectio Divina surely brings you closer to Christ spiritually, but it’s indeed a shame that your love for bible-reading is being neglected all this while by the church. Did you inform your wife’s church about this? Surely they would love to do something about it, or alternativley attend scripture-study classes with other friends who are Catholic?

  11. The church had RE for children and at the school attached which was good but my wife and me got involved in churchianity – my children were all in the choir – we got busier and busier running dances with drink in the church hall – and with the children present some of whom
    would be sipping including my own – when I look back I can’t believe it –
    it was so wordly – I was taking wine to these events which were for charity. Thinking it was church so it must be good was a terrible mistake – there was also gambling – lotteries – like the frog in slowly heating water I grew further and further away from holiness without noticing what was happening to me my wife and children.
    Our meetings were not christian fellowship – bible study for adults was
    not encouraged in the least – bible study was thought to be a “protestant thing” by most of the catholics present – everything was to be left to the priest . Plus as a family we watched constant TV and I read newspapers to excess.
    It would have been better to stay at home and have house church – it was my own fault I cannot say that God did not provide everything I needed for a holy life. Many catholic and protestant churches are going down this route – of avoiding saying anything against worldliness.
    Reading the early church fathers would have helped – as would any good commentary on holiness and godly fear.

    • I See I see. Since when is bible study a ‘Protestant’ thing? It is meant for us to continuously seek Christ through the Scripture. Besides, it also increases our knowledge of the parables and its contexts. Mine has regular catechises, neighbourhood christian communities for scripture study & youth Programmes in place to renew faith, deepen knowledge of gospels and reuniting the young. International events like World Youth Day, Global Day of Prayer, World Day of Prayer for Peace, etc sure also unite people in Christ. One church in God.

      It is a sad fact that the world is seeking refuge in materialism more than they do in truth. In the modern society, as economies grow stronger and financial powers grow bigger, it seems easier and appropriate for people to lavish in materialism, entertainment and pleasure, since people slog their lives for it. Soon, materialism puts God off as second priority.

    • @ C Allan: If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your status with the Catholic Church now? Is your wife also renewed-revitalized in the faith with you?

      I know that you’re passionate about the importance of bible study (which I totally agree with you), it’s however not prudent to “judge” other Christians too quickly and harshly concerning their spiritual state. Good Catholics will say that we leave it to God and the individuals. The “words” of God come to us in different manners. When illiteracy was (still is, in many places) prevalent, the church recreated scenes of the bible with paintings, statues and “stations of the cross” to aid the believers. Rosaries were first invented as an aid for memorizing the psalms before the dawn of the printing press. Many Christians are also not properly equipped to think critically and/or possess the ancient language skills to interpret the bible. Be of great faith, the revival of popular bible study for Catholics is already happening.

  12. I go to the catholic church but also to an evangelical church sometimes. My wife after 25 years also realised her mistake – that we were not praying or studying but were enmeshed in charity events. She got so busy which is one of Satan’s temptations – became exhausted and I was so blind I did not see it. She then developed
    a mole and died of cancer within one year – on the day of her death
    I realised I was doing so many wrong things and was so far away from walking properly in the faith that I am still in condemnation and depression – unable to have peace from something my heart tells me
    should not have happened.
    I can see so clearly what I did wrong – we had no rest.

    The greatest problem was the phone which went non stop – one catholic mother taking between 15 – 20 hours a week out of our marriage – this person was against bible study. There was also 6 sisters in law phoning together with many others – why I did not know what was happening amazes me – but they say the one who was deceived never realises it.

    • @ C Allan: Firstly, my belated condolence concerning your wife. It’s very true that being churchy and even involving in all types of charitable events can easily become an end in themselves if we are not careful. I’m glad that the study of the bible has had brought a new conversion of your heart. God works in mysterious ways so just trust Him that you are still here on earth to be a witness of His mercy and glory. As I see it, your wife is now with God so do not despair. God has similarly forgiven you so you must never believe that you are “still in condemnation.” If I may, this feeling of despair is the “unpardonable sin” which the Devil has wanted us to believe so desperately. I’ll strongly suggest that you make a good confession to a priest so that you can hear the sure and audible voice in persona Christi pronounced to you. God understands our human needs and has created the Sacramento for this purpose (See Jn 20:23). From thence, look forward and never doubt the promises of God again. We love to hear more about how God has done marvelous things in your life, Charles.

    • Dear Charles,

      I am impressed by your story, you wrote that your wife did not like bible study. But you did not write that she was against the bible. Bible reading is good to know about God, but in Romans 1:20 Paul says: that God`s invisible qualities can be understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.
      Why do you not consult an independent psychologist who is familiar with faith related problems. I live in the Netherlands, but when I read your story I remembered the story of another saintly US resident, namely Patty Bonds. You can read her story here: http://abbaslittlegirl.blogspot.nl/p/out-of-darkness-rough-draft.html

      • Thanks for that link. It was excellent…..long but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very edifying but I mourned for her lost innocence, childhood, parental love and nurturing….sigh…there are so many wounded like her.

  13. No my wife was not against the Bible – some of her catholic friends
    seemed to put her off bible study.

  14. I had a look at the website but our troubles were just self inflicted
    churchianity , constant phone calls , constant TV – practical things eg
    I had a conservatory where I would watch TV and my wife and five daughters would watch their TV in another room- this separates a family and kills bible study and prayer together- going to church every week and having church events made me think everything was OK .

    I am bitter at my blindness ,selfishness and lack of love – if my wife was still alive I could have recovered – but it is hard to get through one day
    without thousands of mistakes coming back at me. The two pillars to heaven – bible study and prayer were lacking. I actually find it hard to study scripture since it reminds me of what I could have been.
    There were no hardships in my life – material health job etc . Pride
    was my problem.

    My five daughters are all bible studying and praying evangelicals and they don’t go to the catholic church anymore – but go to the local evangelical church – they also do house church with NYTSChurch.

    • My belated condolences as well, I firmly believe that your wife is rejoicing in God’s glory now. Regarding your daughters, I opinionate that they decided to leave the Catholic church for the Evangelical church because of the false lies from these evangelists that Catholics do not value the holy Scripture – which seemed to reflect what was coincidentally happening in your family and church. As for you, I really hope that you can continue your bible study alone, or with your other close parishioners to discuss together. Even if it reminds you of your painful past since we all believe we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us & those being persecuted or hurt now will be rewarded later as Christ promised.

      However, I do agree that sometimes private interpretation may lead you into deeper confusion instead of helping you get more connected to God through the church. Especially when one does not know the original text of the Scripture or is illiterate. But that doesn’t mean Scripture studying is least important and should be discouraged. Clarifications with the Church will help.

      For my church, the Neighbourhood Christian Community group leader(s) has/have to be well-versed, in the parables that are to be discussed prior to the weekly meeting, by attending the regular catechism classes. Then, they will discuss and explain personally ( sometimes through phone calls) to the respective group members based on Church teachings. Through that, everyone will be relatively less confused with their own interpretations. Any unanswered questions will be brought to the church for clarifications. I believe majority of bible study groups are like that, I guess.

    • Dear Charles,
      I would say: rejoice in the Lord, what you and your wife was lacking has come to fruition in your offspring.

  15. Dear Charles,

    My heart is broken for your loss and at the same time leaping for joy at the fresh faith that God has placed in you. It is only through our faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ and the Promises in HIs Word, that we are able to graciously and confidently look ahead to ALL He has prepared for us, here on earth and into eternity.

    Please be gentle with yourself, without condenmation.
    “There is therefore now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:1). Your past sins are now forgiven by the work of His nail pierced hands.

    Praising God that you are pouring His Word into your life and become a new creation, just as He wants you to be.
    ” And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Rom 12:2)

    Praying for our Lord to comfort you and bring you his perfect peace, Catherine Hebert

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