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  1. I would like to ask a question regarding Jesus naming females as Woman.

    If I’m not wrong in one of the Gospels, Jesus titled a lady crippled by spirits as Woman too. This question of Mary being the new eve has been troubling me as that lady is also titled as Woman by Jesus. So, the titling of Mary as ‘Woman’ by Jesus is actually not the fundamental evidence from the Scripture that supports Mary as the New Eve? It only shows Jesus honoring his chosen blessed mother?

    I’m sorry for I’m not well-versed in the Church teachings yet 😦

  2. Dear Spencer,
    You are correct. The title “woman” was a respectful address not dismissive or patriarchal as it is used today in English in the US. Her whole life and role in the incarnation and obedience to God show her to be the New Eve; the antithesis of Eve.

    Eve and Mary were both created without sin.
    Eve sinned; Mary did not.
    Eve brought death to the human race through her sin.
    Mary brought life to the human race through her obedience.

  3. Thank you 🙂 I’m still learning more about our Blessed Mother.

    By the way, help pray for me for my upcoming ‘A’ Level examinations. Please help, I’m still worried though I continuously hope in The Lord 😦

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