How Mary Led Her Back to Jesus!

If there was one thing about Catholicism that totally freaked me out, it was Mary. I just didn’t get it. Why did the Catholics make such a big deal out of her? After all, she was just a human being who needed salvation like everyone else. So far as I could tell, there wasn’t anything special about her.

God could have chosen anyone to be the mother of Jesus. Catholics, I believed, had falsely elevated a human woman–a glorification that would have probably horrified Mary herself. Indeed, it was a glorification that flew too closely to goddess worship and plain ol’ idolatry.

When I saw those Catholic bumper stickers that said: “If you can’t find Jesus, look for His Mother,” I was astounded and offended. How could Catholics be so blatant about their blasphemy? By giving Mary such a place of preeminence, weren’t they diminishing the centrality of the cross and work of Christ?

For the rest of Elizabeth’s story –> How Mary Brought Me back to Jesus Part I

& Part II

Thank you Hoc Est for this link. Great journey of faith!

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  1. Here on Guam my wife and I attended this procession. The procession had something to do with Santa Marian Kamalen. As we stood outside the church getting ready for the procession, a priest actually said that this was in honor of her and that we honor her and thank her for her protection upon us from bad typhoons and earth quakes and Sunamies. Why, as I asked my self would a catholic priest ever mention such words? Then in church during mass they say honor God and yet they still praise this and every other statues. I prayed and asked God that he forgive this priest and the people for they do not know what they are doing or saying. The Lord’s prayer will be the first mentioned when they pray the rosary and then comes ten Hail Marys. Why do they do these?

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