Built on the Rock

Built on the Rock


I just read this post on another blog. I found it very interesting. Of course she liked my conversion story. It starts out:

Recently, in the debate about whether or not Catholics worship the Pope with Pastor Meadows, he took the occasion to remind me of an ex-priest by the name of Richard Bennett. Mr. Bennett has since made it his life’s work to try to bring others out of the Catholic Church. I have read his story before. It was either recommended to me by my parents or my pastor when I was considering becoming Catholic. I decided to read through his testimony again, and remembered why I had written him off the first time around.

I had read his testimony before, and I remember being surprised that an ex-priest used the same lies about Catholicism as his reason for leaving the Church that most protestants (who I often just assume to be ignorant) use…..To read more click the link—>EX-PRIEST, RICHARD BENNETT – A MAN IN SEARCH OF TRUTH?

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  1. “Therefore, since everything asserted by the inspired authors or sacred writers must be held to be asserted by the Holy Spirit, it follows that the books of Scripture must be acknowledged as teaching solidly, faithfully and without error that truth which God wanted put into sacred writings (5) for the sake of salvation.”

    Okay so show me where in the bible of God’s truth about praying the rosary and calling it the holy rosary and his God’s truth that you can pray to the dead. The word Catholic is just a religious name the roman believers gave themselves. The apostle did not advice nor did he ever teach it back then that the Catholics make statues of Mary and Jesus on the cross and erecting them in their so called church. Show me where in the bible of God’s truth that we should confess our sins to a priest, just because Jesus was highly regarded as a high priest. All this like I said is just a religious name they gave themselves and then started their own tradition and practices which is totally blaspheming God and his words.

    Everyday I pray and ask that their practices and traditions be forgiven, for they do not know of the real truth. AMEN.

  2. We do not know how well-informed, intelligent, or powerful Satan and his demons are. We understand something of their abilities, but we cannot be too definitive. What we do know is that as true believers, of God’s words and teachings we have authority over Satan and his entire army. We also learn that God has placed a hedge of protection around us (see Job 1:10). We have the ability to attack and defeat Satan while being defended by God against Satan and Catholic believers, not God believers.

    • Dan,

      I read both of your statements and I would like to ask you a few questions, if you do not mind? Show me in the Bible where the word “Rapture” is? Show me in the Bible where it says, “You must accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and this will save you?” Show me in the Bible where the word, “Trinity” is? Show me in the Bible where we defeat Satan? Jesus defeated Satan, not us. We “submit ourselves unto God, rebuking him, and he will flee.” Show me in the Bible where it says, “You have to be a certain age before you are baptized?” Show me in the Bible where it says, “you cannot have statues of Jesus, Mary, or any saint?? I have been in a lot of Protestant homes where they have pictures of Jesus, angel statues, Crosses, etc.. what is the difference? To make it sound as if Protestants do not hold to certain “traditions” is false. I know this because I used to be one. Protestants have many beliefs and tradtions that are nowhere in the Bible. They just do not think they do.

      As far as “attacking satan” be my guest. He spoke three times to Eve and destroyed all of humanity. So if you think you are a match for him, go ahead. All you are going to do is open yourself up for a whole lot of hell. He will welcome the challenge and is ever so ready for it. Have you resisted temptation to the point of shedding blood, because that is what it took for Jesus to resist it. Never doubt Dan, that satan is a worthy adversary at best. When he gets a hold of us, all we can do is cry, “God!” Not even the angel “Michael uttered a word against satan.” There was a reason for that. Oh but that’s right, “I am a Catholic believer and not a God believer and I have no idea what the Bible says.” God Bless, SR

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